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Black Keys Chapter 33

Chapter 33

Isabella Marie

My heart dropped to my feet.

"My w-what?" Another tear left my eyes.

The Queen looked at me with a raised eyebrow. "Do you have any idea how much your brother and that slut's mistake cost us?" she asked, not really looking for an answer, but rather telling me. "Do you have any idea how much my son had to go through to take care of it?"

My eyes welled up with more tears as I listened to her, scared and feeling so helpless, not knowing what was to come for me in a few moments when she finishes her speech.
"A lot," she answered her own questions, and I felt my throat tightening. "And the very least thing he should get in return is a pure wife, not a skank who only God knows whom she's been with before."

My tears flew, and my legs started to shake. "I've never been with anyone, I swear," I tried with a quiet voice.

"Hm!" the Queen smiled lamely. "We'll see about that," she said, and then looked at the women behind me, seemingly to see if they had finished. She spoke to the Mother Queen, who from her tone and disapproving frown I knew didn't like what was happening.

They exchanged words back and forth and the Mother Queen's voice started to rise up. A slight ray of hope found its way to my heart as I thought that maybe the Mother Queen would prevent what the Queen wanted to do to me from happening.

"My Queen," Mona spoke, getting the Queen's attention, "If you'd allow me to speak. Prince Mazen bedded Princess Marie last night; I saw the evidence on the sheets this morning."

I sucked both of my trembling lips into my mouth as I heard Mona lying for my sake. My knees were about to give up on carrying my weight and my heart was about to stop beating out of fear. 

"Is that true, Mona?" the Queen asked her, folding her hands in front of her chest. "Because the way my son looked earlier didn't look like someone who’d just enjoyed a first night, but rather a miserable person whose marriage has cost him a lot."


"Or maybe the look on his face was because he found out she wasn't as she’d claimed all along," she said, then sighed. "This or that – we will see about it."

"The prince wouldn't allow this to happen," I said confidently, but with a shaky voice.

"The prince and the King do what I say," she said with a loud voice. "If you think this kingdom has ever been ruled by a man then you are highly mistaken. Any King is forever an image, nothing more. Queens rule!" Her voice filled the room and her last two words were louder than the rest, causing me to flinch.

"You have to keep in mind that the prince's heart will always love any beautiful woman," she said sternly, "But his loyalty and devotion will only be for two: his kingdom and his mother," and then she emphasized, "Me!"

I started having a hard time controlling my breaths. My head was spinning and my chest was heaving, my chin quivering and my heart beating faster than ever.

A woman spoke behind me, and I figured she was telling her they were finished with spreading the white sheets on the bed, because the Queen started to speak to the Mother Queen again. It was easy to figure out that she was completely against the idea of doing this disgusting thing to me. Alice had told me that they’d stopped doing it in the royal family long ago – of course the Mother Queen wouldn't agree.

The moments they took arguing felt like hours. I only stood there with my helpless form, watching with terrified eyes, waiting for them to define my destiny with my tears rolling down my cheeks.

Eventually, the Queen looked at me, pissed as ever. "The old hag won't do it," she said through clenched teeth. "Fine, I'll do it myself."

"No, please don't," I cried.

"My Queen, please." Mona ran to stand in front of me, somehow shielding me and facing the queen. "Just give them some time, please," she begged.

"Some time so the witch can try to flee again?" the Queen yelled, then looked at me. "Don't you think that the little lie you told my son got by me! What could you possibly find only at the airport and nowhere else? An 'I heart NY' T-shirt?" she said sarcastically. "And Mona, I thought you said you saw the evidence this morning? You lying whore!"

Merciful God!

The Queen spoke to the women in what sounded like an order, but as she was about to move towards me, the Mother Queen stopped her by gripping the skirt of her dress, yelling at her with hard features that looked alien on her soft, loving face.

I was beyond shocked when the Queen's next move was to kick then shove the wheelchair that the Mother Queen was sitting on, causing her to fall out of it onto the floor, crying out in pain.

My first reaction was to take a hurried step to help her into a sitting position at least, if not back onto the chair, but before I could reach her – I felt hands gripping both of my arms from behind me, pulling me backwards to the bed. I reached with my strangled hand for Mona, who was reaching for me as well, speaking to the women in Arabic, her tone harsh, but her features pleading.

The women ignored her and went on with pulling me back. They were practically carrying me because I wasn't cooperating whatsoever. I was only crying and begging, "No, stop! Please, don't," but it was no use.

"Save it, honey," the Queen said, "They don't speak English." She took the small white cloth from the woman who’d lifted it off the floor where the Mother Queen had dropped it. "And even if they did – only my orders are obeyed in this palace, not yours!"

I could see through my blurred-with-tears eyes as the Queen took one step after another in my direction, while the women tried to pin me down on the bed I was now lying on as I struggled and begged and screamed that I was a virgin. Mona got in her way and through her tone I could tell she was begging her just like I was doing with the women, only in a different language.

The moment Mona put her hand on the Queen's arm, the Queen's reaction was to strike Mona across the face really hard.  The sound of the slap sounded loudly in the room, and caused Mona to lose her balance and almost fall, but she managed to catch herself.

"No, no, Mona, please, don't leave me," I screamed as I saw her running to the bedroom door that was wide open. When she glanced my way, she had tears in her eyes and a trail of blood down the corner of her mouth, but then she went on her way, leaving me to face my horrible fate all by myself.

This was it, I was going to lose my virginity just like that. It wasn't at all what I'd dreamed about how it would happen. I thought it'd be with someone I loved, I thought it'd be with my husband, I thought it would be on my wedding night, but no – it wasn't going to be anything like that. I wasn't even with a man.

When the Queen reached my legs and started pulling my pants down, I started kicking hard and harder. One of my kicks managed to reach her chest, but not as hard as I'd wished for it to be. However, it only earned me a curse and more pulling on my pants and hard pressure on my legs from the women to make me stay in place.

Once my pants were all the way down my legs, my tears and screams were uncontrollable, but despite how in a fog my mind was – I remembered one thing that I was truly sure of. I remembered who could save me from all of this. I remembered how he would stop it all, how he was my safety, and how he was my comfort, so I cried out at the top of my lungs, wishing, hoping and praying that he would hear me.

"Mazen!" My call for him was a scream, my voice hoarse and my tone speaking of an undying fear. "Mazen, please, help me! MAZEN!" A new round of tears found their way out of my eyes as I remembered myself in a situation I’d been in before that’d had me calling the same way I was now, but it was to a man I loved more than the whole world, a man who never replied to me or came to my rescue because he was already dead, and the memory hurt just as much as reality.

"No, stop it!" I cried out. "Stop it, stop it!" The Queen was now pulling on the side of my panties, but my arms and legs didn't stop struggling against the five women that were holding me down. I was trying my hardest to press my legs together so my panties would stay in place.

Being that nude in front of those strange women made a horrible feeling of shame and embarrassment to fill my insides, and my tears to roll even heavier.

When my body started to give out, and my throat hurt so bad because of all of the screaming, I knew there was no way out of this, but because I’d been a fighter my whole life, I tried one more time. "Mazen, please, please, please!" I cried out my pleas. "Mazen! Help me, Mazen, please!"

It was only when I heard his voice and saw him entering the room followed by an out-of-breath Mona that my body stilled, and my breaths slowed down just a bit. His orders that weren't in a language I knew caused the women to release my hands and legs immediately – including the Queen, who let go of my underwear that was pulled from the side down to my left thigh.

I saw his eyes that were filled with shock, disbelief and anger as they travelled from his grandmother who was now sitting on the floor, to my shaking form on the bed, and then to his grandmother again. It only took less than a second before his decision was made to come to me first, especially after his grandmother pointed to me while telling him something, as if she was encouraging him to help me first.

His yelled words didn't stop, not even when the women hurried out of the room. I pulled my legs to my body and curled into a ball, hugging my knees to my chest as I sat on the bed, not even finding the will to try and adjust my undies back in place.

The prince's hands pulled his mother off of the bed by her shoulders, not forcibly, but with enough pressure for her to get off the bed, which pissed her off. She started yelling at the prince, who yelled back at her with an even louder voice that was almost deafening. I'd never seen him that mad, not even when he was hitting Jasem. His face was red, and I’d bet it was what he saw as well: red, his anger causing him to forget his promise to me of only speaking in English in my presence.

Their foreign language was scaring me most of all because I couldn't understand what they were saying, I was shaking. "Mazen," I gasped his name through my trembling lips, needing him near, to get her out of here, to end all of this, to close our bedroom door and to let it all be peaceful again.

He only looked at me for a second, his hard eyes too angry to soften, before he looked at Mona, who was now trying to help the Mother Queen onto her wheelchair again, but failing. He told her to do something that had her leaving the room, and for the Queen to start yelling again, but now in shock more than anger.

The prince ignored her and bent down to pick up the lavender sheets that were on the floor. He put them over my body and even surrounded me with them, securing the sheets around me and up to my chin, his eyes not meeting my own, but his scent was able to calm me just the slightest.

I saw four women entering the room, covered all in black, and the green badge on their right arms told me they were female guards. The prince ordered them to do something that had the Queen putting her hands on her hips in challenge. When the guards looked at each other and didn't move, he yelled at them. Two of them moved right away, and started taking the Queen outside with their hands guiding her out, moving her as she yelled and constantly shouted at them like a mad woman.

The two other guards helped the Mother Queen get onto the wheelchair while Mona held the chair still. When she was seated, she gave me a sympathetic look with her tears still wetting her face, before she said something to the prince who was standing tall with his hands folded behind his back. He nodded without saying anything, then Mona wheeled her out of the room and closed the door behind her, her cheek swelling and her eyes crying with silent tears.

The door closed, then so did the distance between Mazen and me. He took me into his arms, hugged me tight, and I cried, only for him to hug me tighter. He rocked us slightly, holding me as if I was going to disappear into thin air. He kissed my hair repeatedly, and I managed to get my hand out of the sheets to clutch at his clothes, pulling him even closer to me.

He didn't speak at all; he didn't say a word, letting his arms and his heart do all of the talking for a while. My gasps quieted, but my tears never dried. And once I was able to breathe evenly again, I found myself saying, "Sh–she wanted to–…" It was all I said before I started crying the ugly crying again, realizing that this was why Mazen hadn't said anything and had let me be.

He hugged me even tighter, soothing me with quiet whispers, leaving tender kisses on my forehead, and sweet calmness over my heart.

My lips were swelling and my nose was tingling because of so much crying, my throat hurt from all of the screaming, and my body was so tired and aching from all of the struggling. Just the thought of what could've happened put my mind into a horrible frenzy.

After what felt like hours later, my tears were nothing but slow, lonely ones, few and far between. I was still in his arms, still clutching his clothes over his chest with a death grip, still wanting his closeness like never before.

"I was so scared," I whispered, then pressed on my lips to muffle the cries that were threatening to come out of them.

"I know," Mazen breathed. I could sense how he was boiling from the inside just from his tone; his control over his feelings still amazed me beyond words. "She has always respected the rules and the law, and she will be punished for her actions," he added hardheartedly.

I looked up at him in disbelief, and if I didn't know any better, I would've thought that the glistening in his eyes was unshed tears. "Punished? The Queen?"

"Shhh, don't think of anything right now, Princess," he whispered, kissing my forehead.

"I thought that– … oh, God!" I started crying all over again, but this time I went hysterical just thinking of all of the possibilities and all of the 'what ifs.' Mazen tried his best, taking my hand away from his clothes and putting it over my chest, over my cross, giving me any and every way he knew would help calm me down.

"It's okay, Princess, it's okay." Mazen shushed me. "You're okay now, I've got you. I'll keep you safe. Always."

I held my cross, but with the same hand, I clutched to his clothes again. I was simply not capable of letting him go, not even an inch. Mazen started whispering things in my ear, soft words that I think rhymed with each other but wasn't really sure, as they were in Arabic. It reminded me of the words the Mother Queen had whispered while moving her hand over my hair the first time I met her, the words that Mazen had explained to be from their holy book, verses that were meant to protect me from the evil eye. And I hoped those words that Mazen were whispering were meant to protect me from the evil hands – if any.

My cries started to settle down again as I listened to him while he whispered in my ear the quiet words, and with my cross in my hand I started whispering my own prayer,  'Now I lay me down to sleep; I pray Thee, Lord, my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake. I pray Thee, Lord, my soul to take; And this I ask for Jesus' sake.'

My head was heavy and when I felt sleepiness start to approach, I welcomed it with open arms. After what felt like a short time later, I felt Mazen pulling away. My head was no longer on his chest but on a pillow, though I still had the chest of his gelbab fisted in my hand. And without opening my eyes, I pulled him to me again, refusing to let him leave the bed, refusing to let him leave me. I only drifted back to sleep when he held me back to him again and I knew he wasn't going anywhere.

I woke up, startled at the sound of glass breaking, sitting up on the bed and searching with my eyes in the dimly lit room for the source of the sound, only to find Mona by my side right away. Before she could say anything, I asked her, "Where's Mazen?"
And before she could reply, I heard more glasses being smashed, and then heard Mazen as he cried in agony. It sounded as if he was being tortured and the sound just broke me.

"Oh, my God! What's going on? What's wrong with him?" I was about to get out of bed when Mona stopped me.

"Let him be, Benty, he needs this," she spoke quietly, her cheeks having on them the sign of abuse and the tears of a broken heart.

"Needs what?" I asked with wide eyes, my throat hurting and my heart thumping in my chest.  I listened to more glass crashing and more shrieking that wasn't even words, but more like groans of pain and hurt.

"To let his anger out, he's seriously angry," she said, and my shoulders hunched down. Understanding, but not knowing what to do and hating to hear how hurt and livid he was.

Mona poured a cup of something that looked like green tea from a pot that was on the nightstand beside me, then handed it to me. "Please drink this, Princess."

"What is it?"

"Just something to help you relax – herbs, some chamomile and peppermint," she said.  I seriously needed something to ease the throbbing in my throat, so I took it without argument. All I could say about it was that it was warm. I didn't know what it tasted like, or if it was bitter or sweet, because my heart and my thoughts and all of my senses were with the breaking glass that we would hear every once in a while.

I listened to Mona and let him be, even if everything in me told me to go to him and hug him tightly, get lost in his arms myself, because God knows how much I needed it. And after a while – I drifted back to sleep again, not knowing if it was the herbs or just my body being too exhausted to stay awake.


Next time when I woke up, the room was pitch black, the only light coming out of a small lamp that was in the corner of the room, right above where the prince sat, taking a position that looked all too similar to the pose he’d taken on the wedding night – head buried between his hands and shoulders hunched down, all miserable and depressed.  


At the sound of my voice, he looked at me, then got up and lit the room, making his way to the bed as my eyes adjusted to the light.

"Hey," he smiled softly, the smile not even close to reaching his eyes, telling me that he only drew it on his lips for my sake. He bent down and kissed my head. "How do you feel?"

"I'm okay," I said, because he was close; of course I'd be okay as long as he stayed near. "Did you change?" I asked. His gelbab was a bit different, and there were no traces of any wrinkles where I had fisted it for hours earlier. I wondered why he was all dressed up like that, unless he was … going out. Again?

Panic started rising inside of me, but I tried my best to convince myself that he wouldn't do that to me, not again, not after everything that had happened – I was sure. Still, I waited for his confirmation. He taught me that assuming and judging made things darker and harder to understand than when you searched for an answer or an explanation directly.

"Yes, Princess," he said, sitting on the edge of the bed, facing me.

"What for?"

He didn't reply right away, only moved his hand through his hair – seemingly as if he was trying really hard to figure out how he was going to reply to me. "I – uh, I arranged your flight back to the States," he said, pressing his lips into a tight line, barely looking into my eyes.

"What?!" I asked in shock. "What do you mean back to the States?"

"You're going home, Princess." He offered me a small smile that you could barely see, even while staring at him.




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