Common Deflowering in Egypt

Report about Common Deflowering in Egypt 


A clip from an Egyptian movie - acting - in this movie the girl wasn't allowing her husband to touch her. Her brother demanded Common Deflowering when he learned that - thinking she was afraid of showing that she wasn't a virgin. The woman holding her other hand is actually her sister-in-law and best friend - supposed to be there for 'calming her' Ugh!

You can notice the brother is looking away - as if it's making it any better ... :( 

Just watch the second from 30 to 40 or so - the rest is just parts from the movie, not important.


Sadly - very sadly - Common Deflowering still happens to this day in the 'less educated' families in Egypt - Muslims AND Christians. 

There's no law against it. Such a shame. Though it IS forbidden in Islam to do any kind of this act, not even to be this nude in front of any other woman.

Disgusting tradition, in my honest opinion. 

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  1. No.....I know Mazen is sending her home because he thinks that will make her happy & in part, afraid he may not be able to protect her. I think he loves her & if Marie would just open her eyes & realize her grandmother had poisoned her mind, she'd realize she loves him too.
    Thank you for updating....I look forward to the next one.