Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sneak Peek - The Colorblind Trilogy - Book #2 - White Locks


A four-letter word.  Small. Simple. But strong, powerful, and – controlling.

Love endures the strongest feelings, some happy, some joyful, some dreamy, some magical, and some sad. A terribly gut-wrenching, heart-crashing, and soul-burning kind of sad.

Love makes you smile. It makes you laugh.  It makes you cry, and they are not always happy tears.

Love makes you act—with kindness, with compassion, with tenderness, and with care. 

But it also makes you act with rudeness, with disrespect, and out of fear.

Love makes you lie, but it makes you try. It makes you run in the wrong direction, because it comes to you without instructions.

Love is real, but it makes you terrified that it may become fake.

Love is wonderful, but sometimes it worries you that it may be all for appearance’s sake.

Love is air.

Love is life.

Love is breathing deeply and smiling brightly.

Love is kissing wildly and hugging tightly.

Love is eating pancakes when it's night.

Love is kissing upside down that feels just right.

Love is leaving home to go home.

Love is going home to be with Love.

Love is wondering if being with Love is right.

Love is knowing that you're losing yourself.

Love is not wanting to be found.

Love is loving Love.

Love is having it tough.

Love is craving to be Love's only love.

Love is giving up your own life so that Love will stay … safe.

My name is Marie Grace Archer, and this is my story with Love.



  1. Love it! Can't wait for the whole book.
    Incredible words, Rose <3
    Khokha :*

  2. So so so beautiful!! Can't wait for the whole thing 😍

  3. I love your prose! You can see your heart through your writing. Can't wait to see the finished book