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Black Keys Chapter 27

Chapter 27
Isabella Marie

Despite everything that was happening, despite the worry that had its grip on me so tightly, and the anxiety about what was to come that filled my every sense, I couldn't help the warmth that spread deep inside of my heart when everything the prince had just done sunk in.

He lied to save my life. He punished because I wasn't protected enough. He ordered and commanded to make sure I'm always safe. He used his fists to deal with the one who treated me with disrespect.

And – he promised cutting heads off if a hair on my head was touched.

I couldn't even imagine what all of this meant to me. It was making me speechless, even inside of my brain; I was speechless, as in couldn't-even-form-a-thought kind of speechless.

I couldn't understand why he would go this far to protect me? For what? And a part inside of my head couldn't help but wonder if there was something hidden in all of this. Like – if he had other intentions. Bad ones. I just couldn't find a reason why would he do all of that for me.

Unless he cares for you. A lot, something inside of me spoke.

Could it be true? That the prince had feelings for me? I really didn't know. But the mere thought of it made my insides tingle … in a very good way, and I had no clue what to make of it.

Just like the walk through the lobby, the wait in the elevator was. Silence. The only sound coming from the prince's panting as he tried to catch his breath, while leaning his body and his head back on the side wall of the elevator with his eyes closed.

Oh, how I wanted to take him in my arms, or rather be in his arms, but I didn't know if it would be welcome or not. I didn't know how he really felt about me leaving that way. Of course he wasn't happy about it or couldn’t take it easily, after all – I did lie to him and fool him so I could try and escape.

The elevator opened to the same place which I’d come from on the wedding night, a foyer. The closed door nearby I knew to lead to our bedroom.  

Once inside, the prince headed towards the bathroom in the corner, but I was able to stop him before he got there by catching his hand in mine. "Wait," and then keeping my hold on it even after he stopped.

He didn't turn my way, so I took a step or two to stand in front of him, facing him. He didn't look at me; he just stared straight ahead, and I wished he would just look into my eyes, or that I could read him or hear his thoughts. Or that he would hold my hand back …

"I- … I just wanted to thank you. For–uh, what you told your parents. And for defending my honor," I said softly, sincerely.

He was silent for a moment, and I watched his Adam’s apple bob up and down as he swallowed before he replied, still not looking at me. "I promised that I will keep you safe as long as I breathe," he said in a low, but firm voice.

My heart. It ached.

If you would only look at me?

"I never break my promise."

If you would just hold my hand back?

I started feeling the now very familiar feeling of my throat closing as my tears started choking me. He was so … cold. I wasn't used to this kind of tone from him.

I nodded my head, looking down, wanting to say something else, but not really knowing what that 'something else' would be. Still not wanting to let go of his hand, even if I wanted to let go of it. God! I was so confused that I was even confusing to my own self.

As I was about to look up at his face again, I saw something on the inside of his arm – a smudge, a fading red smudge of … dried blood.

My eyes grew bigger as I stared at it; there was no way that this blood could be Jasem's. This smudge was dry, meaning that he’d gotten it long before he started to hit Jasem and cause him to bleed from his nose and lips. And it looked like that spot had been washed before, but maybe that he’d done it in a hurry and hadn't noticed that it wasn't completely gone.

My head started pounding, and my throat went dry as I thought of whose blood this could be. Still, I needed to ask. Just to make sure. Or assure my heart with a 'Not hers' kind of answer. I swallowed thickly, and did so.

"W-who's blood is this?" my lips trembled a little as I asked the question.

The prince looked down to see what I was looking at, paused for a moment, then answered with the name I feared he would answer with the most, "Alica's,"

My heart skipped a beat, and my pounding head started spinning, my free hand coming up to cover my mouth after I let out a shocked and horrified gasp, leaving little room for my lips to allow my question to come out, "You killed her?"

It was only then that his eyes looked at mine, his lips forming a sneer, and his face changing from blank to an expression that told of disgust more than anything, "Is that what you think of me?" he asked through clenched teeth. "A monster that would kill his own sister for being a foolish teenager who doesn't know better and always acts as stupid as stupidity could get? Huh? Is that all you see?"

I stared at his angry eyes for a few seconds, completely dumbfounded and not knowing how to answer, only thinking of what his answer-questions could mean more than actually thinking of an answer to reply to him. My hopes were as high as they could get that this meant Alice was okay and well, until he broke our connected gaze when he jerked his hand away from mine and continued his way to the bathroom, leaving me by myself and with only my thoughts to keep me company.

I stood there in my place for a minute or two, lost in my thoughts, until I heard a knock on the door that brought me back to where I was standing and not in the land of wondering, guessing and hoping.

"Come in," I called.

Mona entered the room, the box that the King gave to me in her hands. "I will put this with the jewelry, Princess," she said, her face sad and her eyes even sadder.

"Yeah, sure," I said.

She went on her way to the dresser beside the window where all of the boxes of gifts I’d gotten in the past few days lay, and I went to sit on one of the armchairs, not really knowing what to do with myself.

When Mona was finished putting the box away a minute later, she came closer and asked, "Would you like to eat now, Princess?"  Her usual soft smile was long gone, leaving in its place sad features which caused her to age ten years.

"Do you think I can find any appetite to eat now, Mona?" I asked softly, not really questioning it, but more like telling her I couldn't.

"I only do what you order me to do, Princess, not what I think," she replied just as softly. I didn't know if she meant my order for her to leave when I was about to flee or not, but I still felt bad about it.

"Okay," I murmured. "No, thank you." She was gone after saying her usual, "Call my name if you need anything."

I rested my body and my head back on the armchair, allowing myself once again to get lost in my thoughts. They were mostly about Alice and her destiny, the worrier in me wondering if maybe he didn't kill her but someone else had? Because what would explain her dried blood on the inside of his elbow other than that?

Just the thought of her being killed made my stomach twist and turn, so scared that she had faced this horrible fate at all, let alone because of me.
God! Why, why did I go along with it? Why? I was such an idiot; none of this would've happened if I hadn't done that. At the very least I wouldn't have been this worried and the questions in my head wouldn't be killing me this way.

Time went by, and the prince didn't come out of the bathroom. I wondered if I should check up on him because it'd been a long time since he went in there, but I thought better of it.

After a while, I heard another knock on the door, Mona coming in after I called for her to do so. She informed me that the prince had requested for her to tell me he would be spending some time alone in the living room, disappointing me with her words, for I had been waiting for him to come out, even though I had no clue what I would tell him when he does.

She suggested to prepare me a bath and I agreed, she picked me something comfortable and I wore it, she dried and brushed my hair and I didn't say anything, she asked if I needed anything and I told her no, and when she left – the thoughts remained present.

Some time later, I heard the faint sound of a door closing, and I wondered what the prince was doing or where he was going, or if it was Mona. I walked around the room for a bit, then decided that I'd just go and sneak a peek from the secret door that lead to the living room where Mona had said the prince was, hoping that I wouldn't be caught doing so because it would be so embarrassing.

I opened the door as slowly as possible, only parting it enough for me to be able to see inside of the living room. I scanned the place searching for the prince, only to find him sitting in one of the armchairs across the room. The sight of him … broke my heart. Just broke it.

He had his head in his hands, and his shoulders hunched down and his posture screamed: Miserable. Knowing that I had everything to do with it broke me even more and I couldn't help tearing up, saddened by what I was looking at and my hands’ doing.

In front of him stood Mona; she was speaking to him, but I couldn't hear what she was saying from my spot. He wasn't replying, and she would stop talking and then talk again, and though I couldn't hear her, I knew that she was trying to soothe him. For a brief moment I wondered if I should open the secret door in the closet that lead to the living room instead of this one, for it was closer to where they were, but thought better of it.

The prince laid his head back, his eyes closed, still not replying to her. And then I saw her as she patted the top of his chest, then smoothed his hair with one movement, starting from his forehead to the middle of his head in a motherly gesture, and then left the room.

How close this woman was to him was a bit confusing to me, but I doubted that Mona was his nanny when he was a kid or something of that sort.

I stared at the prince's troubled form for a few minutes before I decided that enough was enough, and I closed the door as quietly as I’d opened it.
A few hours later, when it was the early hours in the morning, I took the hint that the prince wouldn't be coming, and the empty feeling I had at the realization wasn't an easy sensation to hold.

I went to my bed, trying to get some sleep, because I wanted this nightmare of a night to end – funny that unlike any other nightmare you'd end it by waking up. I was trying to end mine by falling asleep.

I prayed. Sleep still wouldn't visit, and my thoughts and worry for Alice just wouldn't let me be. So I got up, dropped a fluffy scarf that was on the sofa over my shoulders and went to the sunroom.

It was chilly, but I didn't care, and when the windows opened, it was even colder, but I still didn't leave it. I sat on the swing and swung myself back and forth lazily. 

The night seemed longer than a week, and the quietness around me was so noisy that it hurt my ears. I thought about going to check on the prince, to see if he was alright, but I didn't do it, feeling as if it wasn't my place to even feel worried about him.

A while later, I heard the Azan, powerful and strong, but quiet and peaceful, just like I’d heard it with the prince on the roof of the palace. And I wondered if the prince would come out now to pray. But I knew he could do it in any room, so I still might not see him if he decided not to come to our bedroom.

Next, I found myself reaching for the secret door in the sunroom that opened into the kitchen, and without hesitation this time, I went in. My hands touched the black marble counter and I looked around to see if Mona was nearby or would come out of nowhere like last time. I knew she would be awake now to pray. A few minutes passed and as I expected, she came with hurried steps.

"Can I help you with something, Princess? I apologize if you called and I didn't hear you, I was praying."


"I, um … can we talk for a few minutes, please?" I asked hesitantly.
"Of course, Princess," she said, I smiled a small smile and then pulled one of the stools and sat on it, waiting for her to do the same, but she didn't, so I asked her to do so.

"I'm sorry for the trouble I caused you, I promise that hurting the family or even causing problems was never my intention, Mona. Please believe me," I apologized with quiet voice.

Mona looked at me for a moment, offered me a small smile, then nodded, and I wasn't so sure if she believed me at all, her eyes told me that she wasn't the one I should be apologizing to – and I knew she was right – but she still said nothing.

"I – um, do you know if Alice is okay?" I asked softly.

I heard her sighing as she looked down, taking a moment of silence before she replied, "She's stable, may God protect her."

"Stable? What happened to her? Why was she bleeding? Did Prince Emmad hurt her?" I asked, my heart crying for Alice and whatever she'd gone through, though thankful to learn she was stable, whatever stable meant.

"Uh … it's not my place to answer those questions, Princess, I'm sorry," she said in a soft, almost-embarrassed voice as she looked down.

"Look," I reached with my hand for hers on the top of the kitchen table and touched it, "I know you have no reason to trust me, but I swear I will keep whatever you tell me a secret, and to never let anyone know you told me anything. Please, I just want to know what happened to her, my mind is going everywhere and it's really disturbing," I tried.

Mona took longer to reply to me this time, but eventually she did, "Princess Alica tried to kill herself." My eyes doubled in size and hers teared up. "She cut her wrists."

"Oh, God!" I gasped, "I– … God!" I rested my head in my hand, trying to process what I’d just heard. "This is all my fault," I whispered to myself, but when Mona patted my hand that was still on hers with her other, I knew she’d heard me. She didn't say anything, though.

"And she's alright now? She was found before it was too late?" I tried to assure myself with my own questions. I only wanted a nod from her in reply to settle my thoughts down and put my head in any kind of rest.

"Yes, Princess. I wasn't finished with packing, but I wanted to bring certain things from her old wing that I thought she would like to have with her in the US," Mona replied. "I had no idea that I would find her there – drowning in her own blood.” Her voice cracked at the end.

"Oh, dear God!"

"It was pure coincidence that I went there at all. I believe God wanted to keep her safe, that's why I found her. She's too young for death, the poor girl." Sorrow was dripping from her voice.

"Thank God you found her on time," I told her.

"Thank God I was able to get Prince Mazen on time – he helped a lot."
I nodded my head slowly and looked down. That was how she’d planned to keep him busy.

All my fault …

"He must've been really scared." I shook my head in sympathy, sorrow consuming me.

"He was, he loves her very much. I can't even think what would've happened if – God forbid – something bad happened to her."

I nodded, understanding. "Where is she now?" I wondered if I could see her …

"In the sky."

"What?" I shouted. "But you said she was okay."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Princess. I meant on a jet, on her way to the US," she replied.

"Oh," I sighed in relief, then we stayed silent for a few moments. "Wait, why is she on a plane in such a condition?"

"The family doctor is with her with his team, and she will be okay if God wills. She didn’t lose enough blood to make it life threatening, but she will have a blood transfusion on the plane as Prince Mazen suggested. It was the best way to prevent anyone from finding out what happened. Rumors would start if anyone learned about it, or that she was still in the palace at all – plus what happened with Prince Jasem … things wouldn't have turned out well," she explained. "Now everything is back on track, and hopefully will stay this way."  

I pursed my lips, finding everything to be very complicated and would've become even messier if just one thing hadn’t happened. Though I was sure there was more than one private jet owned by the royal family, I was glad I didn't get on that one I was going to flee on. Because it was ready to go to the States and everything was prepared for that trip, it made Alice's departure easier than it would've been if it wasn't ready, as well as the risk of anyone knowing about her still being in the palace or what she tried to do.

After another short period of silence, I decided to get back to my room – I’d learned that Alice was okay, and that was all that mattered. "I'm going to go back now," I said. "Thank you for everything, you really don't know how much this means to me," I smiled softly at her, and she returned it with a smile just as soft.

Just as I was about to get up off the stool, Mona spoke, "By the way, Princess," I turned my gaze back to her and stopped midway through standing, "Prince Emmad loves Princess Alica just as much as Prince Mazen loves her, if not even more – he would've never hurt her," she said.


Her words made me sit back on the stool, my eyes locked on hers, not really looking at her but rather trying to understand her words – was she for real? I had to ask, "Seriously? I wouldn't think that of the one who wanted to beat her near death, and actually did slap her more than once when he learned she was pregnant."

Mona looked surprised that I knew that story, but then recovered quickly and sighed before replying, "I guess Princess Alica was the one to tell you that story." I didn't say anything. "It's a good thing she thought that – it was the point, to know that what she’d done was a really bad thing to do, a line that should've never been crossed."

"What so you mean by 'Good thing she thought that'? You mean it wasn't actually the case?" I asked.

"Of course not, Princess," she replied, "But Prince Emmad had to do it."


"It's really not my place to tell, Princess."

"Please, Mona, you can to tell me. You've already told me a lot, so what's one other thing?" I tried to be convincing.

Mona took a deep breath. "Prince Mazen was the first to learn about Princess Alica's pregnancy, and Prince Emmad was the only one he told after that," she started. "Only I know of what really happened after that. 

Both of them were really mad and angry, at your brother more than anything, but they were raised well – they knew that acting with anger wouldn't cause anything but more damage. That's a thing you need to learn well in order to rule a country, and they did so, they made a plan."

"A plan?" I frowned.

"Yes, Princess," she answered. "They made it look as if Prince Emmad learned about it at the same time as the Queen, when Prince Mazen asked for both to come to Princess Alica's wing. They knew the Queen would be mad and even madder if Princess Alica wasn't punished. She would've raised it to the King in not a good way and done whatever it took to get Princess Alica her punishment, to be killed," she sighed. "The Queen has one rule that she respects most of all: 'Respect all of the rules.' Their plan was that one of them had to slap their sister in the presence of the Queen, and make it look like he was going to kill her. Prince Mazen couldn't do it, so Prince Emmad took care of it – even if his heart was breaking inside, and trust me, it was. And when it happened, Prince Mazen acted as if he was angry with his brother and pushed him away from Princess Alica. They threw fists at each other and made it look ugly, believable enough for the Queen to believe that one of them was going to die if she didn't stop them. Prince Mazen made it clear he wouldn't see his sister killed, no matter what, even if he had to die for it. They made the Queen come up with the 'finding another way' solution herself, and that had been their plan since the start, for it to be her own idea, and it worked, because the Queen for sure wouldn't want to see her son be killed for something he didn't even do," Mona smiled.

"Wow!" I breathed.

"Sadly, the King still didn't take it well even though he learned about it with the solution of the trade tailing the news of her pregnancy."

"Yeah, may God cure him," I prayed; he seemed like a kind person.

"There are lots of things we wouldn't know if we only heard the story from one side, Princess. And when it comes to the royal family, you can never tell what hidden intentions there are to the story, even if you heard it from both sides – trust me, I know."

I studied her a little longer, my eyes narrowing. "You're really not only a servant, are you?" I asked.

"What would make you say that, Princess?" she asked with a hint of a smile on her lips.

"Aside from the fact that Prince Emmad was really surprised that you were my servant, and the fact that you knew of Alice's pregnancy like I expected, you sure know lots of things that no servant could know without one of those persons you just talked about telling you those things themselves," I told her.

She smiled. "No, Princess, I'm not a servant anymore, for over ten years now. Prince Mazen ordered it once he was old enough to command orders," she told me.

"And why are you serving me then, and why did you introduce yourself as my servant?"

"Prince Mazen asked me to do it for the first seven days until you choose one yourself. I'm the only one whom he trusted to serve you well."


"Islam makes me his mother, something the Queen doesn't really like for me or him to address by that title," she said.

"How so?" I frowned.

"I raised him since he was a little baby. I breastfed him along with my own daughter, as well as Prince Emmad, when his servant got sick or something. And in Islam, I take the title of his Nursery Mother just by doing so a certain number of times." There was undeniable pride in her words.

"Oh, I see," I said, "That's – nice," was all I could say. I really needed lots of time alone to be able to process all of that.

Right at the same minute, I heard a buzz that I hadn't heard before, and Mona stood up right away. "That would be one of the Queen's servants bringing breakfast, I have to get that."

I nodded. "Yeah, sure, thanks again," I smiled, getting up this time and heading back to the sunroom and then to the bedroom.


While I lay awake on my bed, I couldn't help but think about all of the things Mona had told me. I was glad to learn that Alice was okay, I just hated that she was so depressed that she thought about ending her life. The poor girl had dealt with so much since she got pregnant, I couldn't even imagine what she'd gone through. She believed that her brother wanted to kill her, and the other didn't want anything to do with her. They were really upset with her choices, and they made her believe that they were mad to the point of not wanting to deal with her at all. I'd seen it with my own eyes just the day before, the last time she’d come here with Jasper – the prince wouldn't even look at her.

Their culture was really complicated. I knew that in old Europe it was really bad to get pregnant without marriage – heck, it's still not very likable now in some Eastern countries or even in some states in America, but I don't think they ever kill for it. Or maybe I didn't know … truth was, I’d never really given it that much thought.

My thoughts drifted to thinking about the prince and what he himself had gone through; it was a lot, and devastating to even think about it. It seemed that he hadn't taken a breather since everything happened with Alice and because of her. And now with my escape attempt …

I didn't think he would ever hurt me, he'd promised. I didn't know why I’d ever thought he would. After all, he'd only been kind to me and never made any move that spoke of bad intentions.

I found myself thinking of how I wanted things to get back to what they were like just a day ago, or like those few hours we spent at the royal stable. I sighed, my thoughts really confusing and annoying me. Certain thoughts of what he’d done to defend me made me smile a goofy smile despite everything that was going on inside of my head. But when I remembered his reply and how he’d said that he only did it to keep his promise of keeping me safe, my smile dropped and I started having weird and stupid, oh, so stupid feelings.

Before I thanked him, I kept thinking that maybe he had feelings for me, and that was why he’d done all of that, but when I asked him, he said it was only to keep a promise. And now, I was upset that it didn't mean he had feelings for me, and even more upset at myself. No – I was actually mad at myself for being upset that he didn't have feelings for me. Why on earth did I want him to have feelings for me? It was really crazy. I was going crazy.

Not too long later, Mona knocked and when she came in, she held the tray with our breakfasts on it. She set it on the round table in the middle of the room like usual, smiling and telling me she would be informing the prince that breakfast was ready.

Though I still didn't feel much like eating, I still got excited that he was finally coming back to our room. Maybe when he got here and we have breakfast together, I'd figure out how he truly felt about all of what happened, and if he was very upset with me because of it, or not much, or hopefully not at all.

My hopes dropped when Mona came back to tell me that the prince would only have some tea for breakfast … in the living room.

He still doesn't want to see me, I thought. But I really wasn't going to just sit there and do nothing about it. My old self needed to get back in the driver’s seat; enough of that weak and miserable person who barely knew how to act anymore.

I got out of bed. "Mona, please leave it," I told her. "I'll get him his tea."


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