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Black Keys Chapter 9

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Chapter 9
Isabella Marie
"You shouldn't eat that," the prince-doctor advised.
"Why not?"
"Egg is heavy on sensitive stomachs."
"I feel fine," I told him. The eggs were really delicious yesterday, with cheese inside – no clue how my not-really Queen mother-in-law had done that.
"The herbs give you this sensation that you're okay. It numbs the pain, and numbs the body's respond to it." He took a sip of his tea.
I left the eggs with a sigh, and if it wasn't so immature to do so – I would've pouted, as well. They tasted that good.
"Is cream cheese okay?" I asked.
"Yes. Go ahead," he smiled.
I spread the cream cheese over the spongy bread, then leaned back in the armchair on which I was sitting and started eating. I wanted to have breakfast in the sunroom again, but the prince had said it wasn't a good idea. He's a doctor, so … I had to listen. So we ended up eating at the round table in the middle of the room, after Mona placed two chairs there for us to sit on.
Yes, I actually said 'we' and 'us'.
I figured there was no reason for me to make this harder on myself. I wanted to know more about him – maybe it would help me with my escape plan, maybe through his talks I'd know more about the palace and its exits. After all, I’d had no idea this room had a sunroom linked to it, or a walk-in closet; there were just too many things I didn't know.
"Coffee is not alright, either." He shook his head disapprovingly.
I nodded, putting the cup back down.
"How long have you been a doctor?"
The left corner of the prince's mouth turned up in a crooked smile before he replied, "I graduated and came back here right away, just a few months ago."
"Here?" I wondered.
"To the kingdom, I mean. I studied medicine in London," he explained.
That explains the accent.
"That's great. I’ve heard that the medical schools are pretty good in England."
"They are the best," he confirmed with a nod. "You majored in English, right?"
He told him …
"Yeah, but I never got the chance to finish college. The company … I have no time to brush my hair, let alone study," I sighed heavily.
"Well, you have Mona now to do that for you, so you just got yourself some spare time – you can go back to studying," he grinned.
Such a beautiful sight!
The grin was gone a moment after it was born and he continued, "For the next six months, I mean." His eyes gazed away somewhere between his cup of tea and the plate that held the cup while he muttered the words.
"Yeah," was all I said.
I won't be here for six months, Prince dear, so …
We lapsed into silence for a few minutes after that, while he sipped his tea and I ate the rest of my sandwich. When I was finished, he asked me whether or not I liked peppermint. He wanted me to have it as a hot drink, which he explained was made the same way you make tea. He told me how it comforted troubled stomachs and all that; I wasn't so sure, so I declined.
"I don't like it," I said.
"Have you ever had any?"
"Um, no, but it just sounds wrong," I shrugged.
"But you have to taste it first, and maybe you'll like it," he insisted.
"I'm sure I won't like it. I don't want to taste it and decide it’s awful, then spend the rest of the day with a bad taste in my mouth."
"You can't keep on judging peppermint without trying it first, Princess."
Something told me we weren't talking about peppermint anymore.
After Mona took the tray away, we talked a little bit more – about nothing in particular, just a few words here and there about the room and all of the hidden doors – there were a lot, I might add. Turns out that this room was the main room for 'our' place. It was connected to more than one room, besides the bathroom, sunroom and walk-in closet. There were also the dining room, the reception, living room, kitchen and … the kids' rooms.
Kids …
He also told me about another room that stood alone with no other doors connected to it – a males-only meeting room. As in, just for guys. Don't even let me start …
"So the whole floor is just for us?" I asked.
"No, we share it with my brother and his wife, but you will never stumble on anyone else, I assure you. It's completely separate."
"Wait, you have a brother?" I frowned.
"Yes, Emad is his name; he's just four months younger than me."
"But your mother said you were her only child. I thought she meant her only son since there is Alice, but with the language and all … did you just say four months?" My confusion was hitting the fancy roof above us.
How is that even possible?
"It's true that I'm her only child, Princess. My mother is Emad and Alica's stepmother," he answered.
Wait, wait, what?
"How come he's only four months younger than you, and your father was still married to your mother when he had children with another woman?" I quizzed. "Oh! The king had a mistress!" I figured.
"Excuse me, Princess, but the term 'Mistress' is highly offensive for you to use to describe my stepmother, let alone accuse my father of having one," he said, instantly making me feel like garbage.
"I don't understand anything," I said in a low voice.
"I understand that, and that's why I was just telling you not to make judgments based on no knowledge, yet you did it now, again."
"I'm not judgmental," I defended. Who did he think he was to tell me that?!
The prince sighed. "My father was married to my stepmother first, but after three years of marriage and no heir on the way, he had to marry another – my mother. And she got pregnant with me right away. It was God's will for my stepmother to get pregnant with Emad shortly thereafter. My mother was never able to produce any other children after that."
Head spinning, anyone? Yeah, me, too.
"Your father had two wives at the same time?" I held in a gagging noise that I was desperate to make.
"It's not a big deal here," he shrugged.
"I didn't see her at the wedding," I told him.
Maybe she's even meaner than his mother …
"She died while giving birth to Alica."
Now I felt worse than garbage for the little thought in my head. She was dead.
"That's sad to hear," I admitted.
"It is; she was a great woman, very compassionate and kind. I was only eight when she passed away, but I remember her well," he said.
"Um, how long ago was that? I mean, since she died." I wasn't really curious about that, but I wanted to know how old he was, and I didn't know how else to ask him.
"Seventeen years ago."
Seventeen plus eight … he's twenty-five!
"May she rest in peace," I prayed.
"Amen," he said.
My eyes that had been looking down snapped up to look at him. Did he just say 'Amen' to my prayer? Did he believe in my God? Or was he just making fun of me?
So many questions I wanted to ask him, just about this 'Amen,' but I didn't know where to start, so I said nothing. But another confusing thought came to my never-stopping-with-the-wondering-and-confusion mind.
The prince's words …
Seventeen years ago …
She died while giving birth to Alica …
Alice is seventeen!
Only seventeen!
My eyes widened and almost bugged out of my skull at the realization.
My brother knocked up a minor.
Oh, my God!
My hand shot up to my mouth as I did myself from the armchair where I was sitting. I ran to the bathroom, kicking the door closed after I stepped inside, and sagged back into the door, taking deep breaths to calm my sudden need to throw up.
Only seventeen!
Deep breath.
Seventeen years old.
A minor.
I couldn't hold it anymore and I ran the few steps to the sink, leaned in and threw my guts up.
"Princess, are you okay?" the prince's voice asked from outside the door.
I replied with the disgusting gagging noises I was making as I vomited.
"Can I come in, Princess?"
"Mona!" I heard him calling, and like always, just a few seconds later and Mona was there. She knocked before informing me that she was coming inside, and then she did what she’d said she was going to do.
"Oh, Benty," was the only thing she said before holding my hair back for me.
"You need to drink some peppermint."
"How do you feel now?"
"Much better, thank you," I thanked him quietly as I handed Mona the glass of water she'd offered me to wash down the pills which the prince had requested her to bring.
"It'll take up to an hour until you feel the effects of the medication, then you'll be better, I promise."
I just nodded.
Seventeen years old.
"Are you sure you're okay?" he asked again after Mona left.
I was just going to nod once again, but … "Alice is just a minor," I blurted out.
He stared at me for a moment, looks of hurt, sadness and anger flashed in his eyes before he looked away.
"She's young," he nodded.
"Is it even legal for her to get married this young?" I wondered.
"Yes. Sixteen is the legal age for marriage, so …"
It was still not right.
Oh, Jasper! What is wrong with you? Who are you and what have you done to my brother?
The tears welled up in my eyes, and I couldn't stop them from falling.
His hand touched mine that was resting on my lap, and he patted it in an attempt to soothe me before taking it back to rest on his own lap. Like his closeness did this morning, his hand did too; I still found it comforting. His closeness, it comforted me. It was really strange.
He said nothing, and neither did I. I just sat there on the bed, my back resting on the pillows which Mona had fixed for me. The prince stayed there, sitting on the side of the bed, facing me with his body, but his gaze was fixed on the window.
We stayed like that for a few, until my tears dried and my sobs were gone. The prince excused himself and then went to the bathroom, coming out in just a few moments with slightly damp hair before heading to the walk-in closet. He stayed there for another few minutes then came back, still dressed the same. It was the second time he’d done that, and I didn't get it.
What was he doing there?
I sighed, deciding not to think much of it.
Just as the prince walked out of the closet, we heard a knock on the door. He replied with a word in Arabic before Mona came in and started telling him something. They spoke back and forth for a few minutes and it was really disturbing that I didn't get what they were saying, especially since the prince's tone sounded like frustration.
Finally Mona left the room, closing the door behind her, and I watched as the prince ran his hand through his hair as he stared at the door before rubbing his temple and then turning around to face me.
"The third day at noon family members are supposed to visit the newlyweds. I've already told Mona to inform them that you were sick and won't be able to meet them, but … my grandmother is already here and – I can't just send her back," he huffed. "Would you, please, let me have her in?" he asked.
His mother's mother?
She could be as mean as her daughter, or maybe worse.
But, his mother had already come in here without them asking me if I agreed, so what was the big deal now?
"What’s the big deal?"
It seemed like I had offended the prince again because that was how he looked – offended. And I didn't get it, I hadn't said anything offensive!
"Uh, she's in a wheelchair, and came all the way from the other half of the palace, the fifth floor," he said in a low voice, somehow pleading.
Hello, garbage feeling! It seems like you enjoy my company today.
"No, that's not what I meant," I started. "I meant that yesterday your mom just came in here without anyone asking me if I was okay with it or not," I explained, even though I knew now that he didn't want her to go back only because of her huge effort to visit with us.
"Oh! I see." He seemed a bit relieved. "It's tradition for the mothers to come here yesterday, and the rest of the families today. They would've still come, but I didn't want you going through anything that might bother you while you aren’t feeling well … I just don't want you to have to deal with pretending along with a troubled stomach, so I'm asking if you'd forgive me for allowing my grandmother in here," he explained.
"Of course, let her in," I told him, getting out of bed and adjusting my clothes.
"Are you sure?"
"Yes, I'm fine," I assured him.
"Thank you." The relieved smile found his lips and rested there.
Mona arrived after the prince called her name and helped me with my hair then brought all of the jewelry that was gifted to me on the wedding night in front of me, asking me to choose some. When I asked, she said I had to wear at least half of it or the Mother Queen would think I didn't like it. I didn't argue and just went with it.
When I was finished putting on too much jewelry, Mona left and I stood near the set of elegant armchairs and sofa waiting for our visitor to come in. A noise caught my attention and I glanced back to see that the bed was disappearing behind a moving wall that managed to hide all of the section of the room that held the bed, nightstands, window and the sunroom inside it, making it seem like a completely different room, starting with the round table that used to be in the middle of the room.
I gave the prince – who was standing near me with his hand on another hidden button – a questioning look and he only shrugged in response.
I learned that when Mona was expected, she only knocked once before she let herself in, but other times, she waited for the prince or myself to give her permission before she stepped into the room. And since she was expected this time, she knocked and opened the door before wheeling our visitor in.
I believed I was going to be met with another mean Queen, but once I saw the wide smile on the old lady's lips as Mona pushed her chair towards us, I felt warmth crawling up my heart and filling my insides.
She had one of the most genuine smiles I'd ever seen in my life. And I couldn't help but smile back at her, no less genuinely.
The prince said one word that sounded like a greeting of some sort before hurrying to her and taking her hand in his to kiss the back of it before placing the spot he’d kissed on his forehead as he bowed. He then kissed her head and hugged it to his chest, a beautiful grin lighting his entire face when she kissed both of his cheeks.
They spoke for a few moments in Arabic and I waited there like an idiot, not knowing what to do with myself, until they finally looked at me. The Mother Queen reached with both of her hands for me to come to her.
I offered her my hand just to shake it, but she pulled me slightly and kissed both of my cheeks like she had with the prince before she patted them while speaking words I didn't understand.
I blushed deeply and smiled at her, nodding my head even if I didn't know what I was nodding to. It could be that she was asking me if I thought I was as fat as a cow, for all I knew.
But she was sending me these sweet waves in a way I couldn't explain. She just seemed so nice and kind, and even though I hadn't spoken one word to her I still thought her to be a good person, nonetheless.
The prince wheeled her next to one of the armchairs and she patted it while looking at me in an invitation to sit down, which I did happily. Don't ask me why.
She said a few words to me and I felt so bad that I couldn't understand her, but before I could dwell on it, the prince spoke.
"She's congratulating you on the wedding and wishing you the best of luck," he told me.
I blushed even more and smiled at her, nodding my head this time while knowing why I was nodding before I thanked her.
The prince then spoke to her and I assumed that he was translating what I’d said, because she then patted my hand that was resting on the arm of my chair and kept it there.
The Mother Queen was just that kind of person who made you smile when they were around, even if they didn't speak to you.
"Is she your mother's mother?" I asked him.
It was the first time since the wedding that I’d seen the prince this happy, all smiley and just – well, happy.
"No, she's my father's mother," he said.
Huh! I knew that mother-in-law could never be this nice lady's daughter; it just couldn't be.
They went back to talking again, and it seemed that the prince hung on her every word, chuckling sometimes and grinning big at others while she did the same. I became really frustrated with the fact that I couldn't understand anything or know what they were talking about.
The prince's eyes glanced my way a time or two but he didn't say anything, just went on with talking to his granny. I had a strong urge to huff and stand up to leave to go … somewhere, but it would've been rude, so I didn't.
Oh, and I was stuck, too.
The Mother Queen looked at me as she spoke other words, but looked at the prince when she finished. He then locked his eyes with mine for a moment before smiling beautifully and nodding.
I knew they were talking about me, and it made me even more annoyed that I didn't know what was it they were saying, so I asked,
"What did she say?"
"Um, she says that you're the most beautiful girl she's ever seen."
Do you know what redder than tomato looks like? Yeah, I was even redder than that.
And, he had nodded to that …
I smiled to her and looked down in embarrassment, feeling as if the heat of my blush would burn my skin at any moment.
The Mother Queen patted my head and moved her hand down my hair several times while whispering some words in a quiet voice only to herself. I looked at the prince to see him looking at what was going on with a smile in his eyes, asking him with my own eyes what she was doing.
He replied in a low voice as if not to disturb her, "She's saying some parts of the Quran – our holy book – to protect you from envious eyes," he explained. "She believes the girls and women in the kingdom will be jealous of your beauty and will envy you, so she's protecting you from them, afraid it'll cause you something bad."
Oh! How nice of her!
"Something bad like what?"
"Sickness, troubles, sadness," he shrugged.
"It's really nice of her."
"She likes you a lot," he smiled, and I mirrored his smile.
When the prince's grandmother was finished, she handed me another thin, square box that was a lot slimmer to the many boxes I’d gotten over the past couple of days. I opened it with another 'Thank you'.
Oh, my God!
I was so mesmerized by the sight in front of me that I didn't pay attention to the granny as she spoke. What finally got my attention was the prince asking me if he could take the box.
I didn't want to give it to him for some reason. I wanted to hug it and sleep beside it at night, but figured it'd make the prince wonder about my sanity, and I didn't want that, so – despite myself – I nodded.
He took the piece of wonderfulness out of the box and stood beside me. I knew immediately that he was going to put it on me, and it made me smile.
If I hadn't see the two hair pins that were made of white gold attached to the sides of the jewelry, I would've mistaken it for a necklace. It was some sort of a crown, but it wasn't the kind of hard material that stood two feet above the head – no, it was soft and shaped like a bandana, only it was decorated with white gold and diamond rocks all around it. When the prince put it above my head, a few parts of it dangled, resting on my forehead like golden-in-diamond bangs and the rest of it rested above my hair and ended at the middle of my back.

I had diamond bangs on my forehead, people!
The prince secured it in place, taking his sweet time as he adjusted locks of my hair above the pins to cover it. I felt his knuckles touching the back of my neck softly as he dragged his right hand down it, sending shivers down my spine and more warmth to fill my heart.
I found myself wishing he wouldn't move his hand away.
While still wearing my sort-of-crown, I only had soup for lunch, no salad, and none of the other delicious-looking food that was calling to me. Doctor's orders. I couldn't complain.
"Does it bother you when we speak in Arabic in your presence?" the prince asked out of nowhere.
I was taken aback by the fact that he noticed my annoyance with the subject, and I went with the truth. "A lot," I nodded.
"I won't do it again, and neither will Mona, I promise."
I was grateful. Very grateful to be honest. But I couldn't believe he would be that – nice. Could he?
I shrugged the voices in my head away, and politely thanked him, then took another spoonful of my soup as the prince ate whatever was on his plate.
A knock on the door echoed into the silence.
"Come in." The prince smiled at me, earning a smile back.
If I didn't already know that she was Mona at the door, I wouldn't have recognized her, she had a black face cover on, I had no idea why. She was about to say something, but the prince interrupted her. "Speak only in English from now on, please," he ordered gently.
"Yes, Prince Mazen," Mona said. It made me smile. It had felt like I was in the dark and someone finally turned on the light. The fact that I would be able now to understand what they said to each other and not just the words that were directed to me made me feel somewhat safer.
But my smile faded right away and I wished she would’ve kept speaking in Arabic instead, because then, I would've never understood her next words, and it would've been a blessing.
"Mr. Jaser wants to speak alone with Princess Marie."


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