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Black Keys Chapter 6

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Chapter 6
Isabella Marie
I held my breath at his words. I had no idea what would he tell me, ask from me, or what would that be about. I didn't know anything. I dreamed of him letting me go. But I knew he wouldn't. He'd probably keep me in here and torture me to death. His kind could be sadistic like that – no surprise.
I eyed him for a moment, trying to discover his hidden intentions, to hear his silent thoughts, to see the future. But nothing worked; I couldn't read his mind.
I won't lie, I was scared, so scared. Not knowing anything was not nice.
I felt so lonely; in a country that wasn't my own, with people who didn't speak my language and believed in a religion that wasn't mine. No family, no friends, nobody that I knew. My only family had betrayed me, then went on with his life like nothing had happened. I didn't have any clue if he was still anywhere around. I didn't know anything. At all.
My nose tingled as the threat of tears falling down my face came to me. I fought it, but my vision blurred, and I knew he could see the shining in my eyes. I hated it, I didn't want him to see me weak. I wasn't weak. But I was helpless. I didn't know if that was a weakness. I didn't know anything. At all.
He motioned for me to sit on the sofa, and I hesitantly did. He then sat in the same chair his mother had just left. I folded my arms in front of my chest protectively, my eyes lowered, looking anywhere but into his eyes, waiting for what he would say. My heart was pounding in my chest violently, and the fear inside me left my mouth drier than a fallen leaf in autumn.
I heard him sighing and I had to look up; he seemed bitter, unhappy, sad. But he wasn't angry or mad, and for that – I was grateful. I only hoped that it wasn't an act.
"Before anything," he started, "I need to– … What I said earlier. I shouldn't have said it. It was uncalled for."
My eyes widened slightly at what he said; I hadn't expected him to apologize to me. His voice sounded genuine and he seemed to be honest in what he was saying, but … it was hard to believe. My mind was telling me that he couldn't be.
I didn't reply, I only chewed on my bottom lip, not even nodding in acceptance of his apology when he said: "So, I apologize." And when I didn't say anything, he went on.
"I was never in favor of this except for my sister," he said. "Alica is too important to me, and the thought of her being killed was something I couldn’t accept – no matter what. Our traditions judge her to be killed, to pay for her mistake with her life, and any way to prevent that from happening – I was willing to take, even if it meant me paying with my own life for hers."
My shoulders hunched forward.
To be honest, I was moved by his words. The love he had for his sister and his willingness to do whatever it would take to save her life was so touching. A wave of sadness washed over me at the realization of how the prince was a better brother than mine. He would've given up his life for his sister to save her, while my brother gave up my life to save his own along with his girlfriend's.
My heart swelled and a tear escaped my eye. Fingertips got rid of it right away before it could be acknowledged by him. I still wanted to appear strong even though I knew that my body language said I was anything but. Broken could be it.
"Honestly, I have no idea what I would've done if your brother didn't have a sister to offer, but I would've found a way to save my sister nonetheless," he told me. "Had I known you were not accepting of this marriage, I would've never agreed to it."
"You wouldn't?" I whispered, shock lacing my voice.
"Of course I wouldn't, it is unacceptable on so many levels."
I looked down again – what I felt in that moment was too much. Too much. It was the moment that removed any doubt in my heart that my brother had done all of that because there was no other choice. I couldn't deny that part of my heart, the heart that loved him with everything in it, wanted to believe that he was helpless and this was really his only choice. Maybe it really was his only choice, but if he’d worked on finding another – I was sure he would've found one. The prince said he would've found a way, so why couldn't Jasper?
It killed me to know for sure that all of this was my brother's doing.
My tears rolled down my cheeks. I couldn't find it in me to brush them away; there was no need to. My firm determination to appear strong faded into thin air along with my last hope of learning that my brother cared for me and there was more to the story.
There was no more to the story. Jasper had sold me out. Simply. Just like that.
"I couldn't believe that Japer's sister would be willing to leave her country, her life, her people to come and live a life she didn't know, but he convinced me that you were even excited to be married to a prince," he chuckled humorlessly.
I replied to him with more tears.
"Your brother fooled me."
"That makes two of us," I told him.
He looked at me for a moment before nodding, his lips forming a thin line as he pressed them together. He then got up and went to the nightstand that was beside the bed, coming back with a box of tissues and handing it to me, not saying anything when I took it from him before he sat back in his arm chair.
It was then that it occurred to me that I still hadn't offered the prince any sort of apology for what I'd said last night. After all, he’d only said what he said when I called him an animal and a filthy Arab. It was only fair if I said I was sorry as well. I did wound his pride – that was what was uncalled for. He didn't know about me being forced into this, he had no hand in it, and so far, he was being nice – it was all an act, of course, but still …
However, before I was able to say anything a thought came to my mind, a hope to be more clear. I wondered if he would let me get a divorce now? I mean, that’s what was supposed to happen, right? I was forced into it, and he wasn't into this except to save his sister, and now that she was married and no damage had been done – to her – there was no need for us to stay married.
"Will we get a divorce now?" I asked hopefully.
"Is that what you want?" A look I couldn't decipher shone in his eyes.
"Yes," I replied. I wanted to say 'Of course' or 'Are you kidding?' but I didn't want to offend him anymore than I already had.
He was silent for a moment, then he replied with a nod. "Eventually, yes."
"Eventually?" I asked in confusion, not knowing what he meant by that.
"Yes, eventually," he replied. "We can't get a divorce now; it'd raise too many questions that we are better off without."
"What kind of questions? Who would ask?"
"It’s hard to explain, you don't know of our traditions."
Traditions! Again!
"Try me." I was losing my patience.
He sighed. "People will wonder why would you come from the other side of the world to marry me only to be divorced the next day, don't you think? We can't let the rumors start. I'm a prince, and all of the royal family has to be held to a high standard. I can't let anyone wonder if my family forced you into this. We're already dealing with a lot since I had to cancel my own marriage for this one, and with my sister marrying a foreigner instead of keeping the royal bloodline going. If they knew you were forced, and given Alica married your brother in no time, it'll raise ugly questions about why the hurry and if their marriage had anything to do with your company offering any prosperities to our country like we let them think. It could lead to her death all over again, and that is not an option."
My head was spinning with everything he was telling me. I couldn't think of any one thing in what he was saying, there was so much to think about. So much!
The rumors.
Royal family.
Canceled a wedding.
Royal bloodline.
Alice's marriage.
Our company.
Her death.
Wait …
"You were engaged to another woman?" I asked.
"Kind of, yes."
"What do you mean by 'Kind of' – you're engaged or you aren't, which were you?"
"It's complicated," he said. I folded my arms in front of my chest once more and crossed my legs, huffing.
"I have a very high IQ." I raised an eyebrow, waiting for him to explain.
The prince adjusted himself in the chair and then sighed, shaking his head. "Here with royalty and the passing of the title of King, it's different than what you see in other countries."
"Kings don't always pass it to their sons; sometimes they pass it to their brothers," he said.
I knew about that – Kareen had explained to me that her father was the King before he died, and it wasn't passed to one of her brothers since they were all still young.
"Because the sons could be young, yeah, I understand," I told him.
"Not just because of their age, but also if they don't have an heir."
"I see. But, what does that have to do with you being 'Kind of' engaged?"
"Well, my father’s younger brother is the potential next King if things get to it, and it's for all of our benefits if we marry our cousins."
Excuse me?!
"I'm sorry? Your cousins?"
"Yes, it's not forbidden in my religion to marry your cousin."
And … Eww!
"That uncle of mine has a daughter named Talia. She's appropriate for me to marry, her age I mean, and it's an unspoken rule for us to get married."
"Hmm … and what kind of benefits would you get from marrying each other?" I asked.
"If I become the next King, it'd mean that her son could be the next King along with her being the queen. If her father becomes the next King, it would mean that I'll still rule a state for the rest of my life. It's better than just having the title of being a prince."
"That's complicated," I said.
He raised his eyebrows as if to say 'Didn't I tell you that?' but said nothing.
"Marrying me … your chance of being a King is lower than being one now, isn't it?" I asked. I'd never give him an heir, but before anything, I wasn't royal to keep him ruling a state.
He nodded with thin lips again. "I told you I'd do anything for my sister."
It was my turn to nod. "It's uh, … really kind of you," I stated.
"I didn't do it out of kindness."
I nodded again in understanding, and then we lapsed into a few moments of silence before I asked, "Were you in love with her?" The question was going to choke me to death if I didn't ask it, though my need to know the answer was a mystery to me.
The prince locked his eyes with mine for a second before he stood up and fingered the flowers in the vase that was sitting on the round table in the middle of the room, his back turned to me.
"I'd like to keep the answer to myself," he said to the flowers.
I chewed on my bottom lip. The answer was clear, he was in love with her, could be still, who knew.
I stood up and took a step towards him. "How long is 'Eventually'?" I asked him. I understood his reasons for wanting to wait, but honestly, I sort of didn't care. It was their own drama and their own foolish rules that put them in this situation in the first place. Plus, if he divorced me soon, he could marry another and have that heir like he wanted, right? It'd be a win / win deal.
My chest tingled for some unidentified reason at the thought of him marrying another. I was lost as to what it could mean, but figured it might be something along the lines of hope or happiness.
Maybe …
I decided that escaping and fighting would mean more stress for me, and given how protected the women were in this country, I knew it would be near to impossible to get away from this palace, let alone the whole country. So I had to go along with what he saw as better for the both of us, even though my better would only come when I'm far, far away from this hell-hole.
"I'm not sure," he said after he turned to face me. "We have to wait a decent amount of time before it seems like we're struggling, then some time trying, then we can get the divorce without any problem."
"How long would this take?" I asked impatiently.
"A year, maybe." He shrugged.
What. The. Heck?!
"You're not being serious, are you?" I asked with wide eyes.
"I think it'd be believable this way."
"No way. Too long!"
"Eight months," he huffed.
"One month."
"Are you being serious? That's not long enough at all."
"Six months, no less."
Too frigging long!
There was no way I was going to go along with this.
"Fine," I lied.
"Good," he said. "Is there anything you need?"
"My things, I left them in that room we first settled in," I told him.
"Clothes are what you need? I think there are enough clothes in here for you."
"I still want my own. I need my cellphone and laptop, as well."
He shook his head. "I can't bring you those."
"Why the heck not?"
"We're supposed to be on our honeymoon, remember? It's a tradition for the newlywed couple to spend the first seven days together, doing nothing else but … er, getting to know each other. I can't bring you those and let everyone in the palace wonder why you need them so much for them to take you away from your husband in your first days together."
"You're a prince, you can skip this one tradition, no one will care," I tried.
"My family and I have to be role models. I should follow the rules more than anyone. I don't make them, nor my father – the King – we only obey."
"Okay, just give me my cellphone, please."
"Do you see my cellphone with me?" he asked, hands flying in the air on both sides. "I'm not happy with it, either, trust me."
"This is ridiculous," I said in frustration, my arms flying in the air.
He seemed offended by my statement, but didn't say anything about it. He only said another thing that made me even more confused.
"I'd appreciate it if this stayed between the two of us."
"Why is that?"
"Let's just say that other than how the word would spread like a forest fire, things would get really ugly if my mother found out." Why am I not surprised by this? "I also would prefer if my sister didn't learn what a jerk she just got married to."
She didn't know …
Escaping the first chance I get it is, then.
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