Friday, February 14, 2014


Hello, everyone,
First of all, I wanted to thank each of you who took the time to leave me a review, it was very kind of you and I really appreciate it.
Second, just wanted to clear some things:
-        Most of the characters in this story won't be very likeable at first.
-        The characters only speak of their own minds and their own personalities, not the author's.
-        In no way do I have anything against Islam, Arabs, Christianity or Americans.
-        I AM very aware that not all of Americans think like my heroine in this story.
-        The Arabian country that will hold lots of events in this story won't be mentioned by the name. It's real, though, and it does exist, but I don't want to offend its citizens anyhow.
-        Some of the traditions I'll show in this story does happen in said Arabian country, however, some others are not. Though, they are REAL, only taken from other cultures, not Arabian countries, but Islamic ones.
Third, I have a blog and the link is on my profile. There, I'll be posting the chapters with pics when pics are required for those of you who are not familiar with some of the things in here.
-        The blog will always be a chapter ahead, or even more. I'm only posting in here for readers who only like this site and prefer it over blogs.
-        The idea of this story came when one of my readers and dear friend (Bella Grey) suggested I write a story with Arabian prince in it.
-        The summary that brought you here is completely written by my beautiful per-reader (GrandeDame)I'm not that awesome. Or, at all.
Lastly, I really hope that this comes out as something fun, and not offending for anyone. I hope we get to learn about different cultures and religions together as we watch this little fic grow.
-        I'm very open for anyone who wants to ask anything, I don't mind, not at all. Well, as long as it's not personal questions ;)
-        I'll try my best to update once a week, though, my other WIP – CHY II – is my priority.
I think this is all, hope you have a wonderful day, and thanks for reading.
Much love,


  1. i'm excited about this .. i'm a muslim arabian girl myself so i hope i dont want to kill the prince because it's a known fact how these princes are ..

  2. I'm excited to read a different storyline, and I'm intrigued....