Honor Killing in Arabian Countries

A clip from an Egyptian series that shows a brother killing his sister who escaped their house and become a prostitute.

This is acting - but sadly, very much true. It happens in real life.


Honor Killing is not something only Muslims do. Actually Christians Arabs do it as well. 
It's not a religious thing, it'a a culture thing. 
And until this day - it happens.

Egyptian Law  doesn't follow Sahria (Islamic Laws) mostly, and it actually defines the husband who kills his wife if he caught her having sex with another 'Not Guilty', and he's excused with 'Temporarily Madness'.
Egyptian wife who kills her husband for cheating on her with another is judged by three to seven years of prison.

In Iran; if a couple who were caught committing adultery (while married to other people), they get stoned to death. The man to be buried in sand to his waist, a woman up to her neck before throwing the stones starts.

In Turkey, some villages follow the tradition of throwing the girl who has sex before marriage in the middle of the sea/ ocean, and leave her to her death, considering her as if she was never born.


A 10-month investigation by The Independent in Jordan, Pakistan, Egypt, Gaza and the West Bank has unearthed terrifying details of murder most foul. Men are also killed for "honour" and, despite its identification by journalists as a largely Muslim practice, Christian and Hindu communities have stooped to the same crimes. Indeed, the "honour" (or ird) of families, communities and tribes transcends religion and human mercy. But voluntary women's groups, human rights organisations, Amnesty International and news archives suggest that the slaughter of the innocent for "dishonouring" their families is increasing by the year.

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Those facts are what I learned through my researches and studies. If anyone is willing to add a TRUE fact - please let me know, but add your source to it, please.

  Thanks a lot to Sahar for all of her help. <3

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  1. Sad But True :( this behavior is still running and living through years . Wonder when this will stop if it is going to stop anyway