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Invisible Chapter 9

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Chapter 9:

That day I learned that the King didn't spend the night in the queen's bed, she didn't see him at all before she came to the room. I was grateful.
Still – I had no idea if he would tell her when they would meet, but I tried not to think about it, and went on with my chores for the day.
When the night fell, my Queen ordered me to go to the room she had taken me to last night. Then, she said that it would be what I do at night from now on, just like I did last night, and that I could spend the night there, and to come in the morning to do my chores.
If she only knew …
I did what I do best: listened, and obeyed.
Washing my body, then dressing in the wired gown and the mask was how I spent the first hour of the night right after I left my Queen. I then took the inside door and went to The Room where King Edward would surely bed me tonight.
Just thinking about the stinging pain from last night, I shuddered, thinking of how bad it'd be tonight without the oils or whatever the queen had put inside me last night.
Lying on the bed, I bent my legs then separated them, my sex covered like last night. I looked to the side and then waited, and waited, just like last night, but right now there were no tears. It was the only difference.
The doors opened, then closed, and fear crept into my heart. I didn't know what the night would have to offer and what the king's intention was for me. All I could do was pray silently for no pain or hurt or humiliation, though I doubted I could spend the night without any.
My legs tensed just like last night, but this time, it was when I heard the king clearing his throat.
"I – uh, the queen can't know about last night, I hate to disappoint her." He said, and my heart rate quickened.
My first thought was to say 'Yes, your majesty.' but I knew I couldn't do that, so I didn't say or do anything.
"Am I clear, Lass?" he asked, and the fear doubled in my heart at his tone.
I nodded.
"Are you mute?" the king asked.
I shook my head.
"Can you speak?"
I shook my head again.
"How come you can't speak if you aren't mute?"
I didn't do anything, just thought of how he didn't know anything about the queen's orders for me not to speak a word to him.
Hearing the king as he let out a long breath, I held my own, knowing too well that he was to speak something important after it.
"I didn't know that you were a virgin last night, but now I do." He said, and I kept holding my breath, and looking to the side. "The queen can't know of this conversation, do you hear me?"
I nodded my head.
A moment went in silence and I wondered what he was doing, but then I heard him getting on the bed and I figured he was undressing.
''The Queen also can't know what I'm about to do. That's the most important thing."
I nodded my turned to the side head again, biting my lower lip as he settled once again between my legs.
What was it that he was about to do?
AN- There was a confusion last chapter about if Edward did anything with Isabella; he didn't, he stopped once he realized she was a virgin. Only, the Queen doesn't know. Hope that explains.
- Reviews for last chapter were awesome! You're seducing me to update early again, don't you? LOL. I might just do that. ;)
- I'm SO freaking excited about posting next chapter, can anyone guess what is coming? Or … who? ;)

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