Sunday, March 26, 2017

Invisible Chapter 8

EdwardsFirstKiss is my beta.
Lvforyouonly is my pre-reader.
Twilight is not mine.
Chapter 8:

It was like – something had startled him, it was like the silky sheets had burned him, because the next thing I knew was him getting off of the bed and a moment later there was the sound of the door opening then closing.
And I knew I was alone once again in the room.
Tears were born in my eyes, I didn't know what I was supposed to do, and I didn't know what I did. Was I bad because I was a virgin? Was I not supposed to say I was? Did he want someone with experience? But why? What we would do had nothing to do with enjoyment, I was just a bucket for his seed, nothing more.
All I did was close my legs, turn to my side and cry myself to sleep, having no idea what was to come of me.
I woke up with a gasp as I opened my eyes and took in my surroundings; I had fallen asleep without meaning to. I had things to do, how could I fall asleep? What was wrong with me?
I got up quickly, but before I left the bed, the door opened and the queen entered. Terror invaded my soul as I watched her enter, and I lost all thoughts in my head other than she was here to kill me.
Finally, I had some sense getting back to me and I got out of bed, kneeled and bowed my head by the time she was closing the door behind her.
"Isabella." She said, and my blood ran cold.
"Yes, my Queen."
"I'm pleased with you." She said.
I looked up at her with a frown for a moment before I bowed my head again, was I imagining it? Was I still asleep and I was dreaming? She couldn't be pleased with me, I failed!
"My Queen?" I asked in confusion.
"You stayed the night in bed to keep his seed inside of you, the chances of being with child are higher this way, and I see the mask is still on. Good girl!"
"Huh?" was my dumb reply. "I mean – yes, of course, my Queen. Whatever you order me to do." I lied. I had no idea what she was talking about. But all I could grasp was that the King hadn't told her about what happened last night. But what did that mean? I really had no idea.
"Good." She said the smile on her face evident in her voice. "Now get up, you have clothes in the other room, it's going to be your room until you give birth."
"Yes, my Queen." I said and got up the minute she left the room.
I let out a long breath in a sigh; I really needed to find out how I had gotten away with what had happened last night.
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