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Invisible Chapter 7

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Chapter 7:

The wait for the king was much longer than the wait for the queen. It lasted hours and hours, my legs were aching in this position, all bent and exposed. I was grateful for the fire across the bed or I would've frozen to death.
The thoughts were my only companion on that long and lonely night. And as the King didn't show up, I couldn't help but think that this was all just a game for the Queen that she did just to make fun of me, or maybe only to humiliate me, I couldn't decide, but I knew that that wasn't beyond her.
Just before the door opened, I was ready to get up and leave the room, even ready for the Queen to kill me for disobeying her. But, I thought that if she didn't kill me with her hands, the wait would.
The door opened and I waited for a long minute before I heard it being closed. The thought of it being someone other than the king crossed my mind, but I didn't dare to look, I was ordered not to.
It was only a moment later that I heard the words, "This is ridiculous." spoken by the voice that I longed to hear: the King. And the next thing I knew, the door was being opened and closed again. I didn't need to be smart to figure it was the king leaving the room.
A new round of tears escaped my eyes, the tears that didn't seem to be stopping for the night. I was too hurt, and felt rejected. Maybe I had no right to be, but the fact that the King came and saw me, said those words and left didn't mean anything that the little he saw of me was not appealing to him. I could imagine him losing what was in his stomach if he saw the rest of my body, all blue and black.
I removed my hand to remove my tears that were slipping from my eyes and to the side of my mask, the mask that only left a part of my nose and my mouth exposed. But then my hand came quickly to their place as I heard the door being opened again.
Fear consumed me as I thought it could be the queen coming to kill me for not being good enough for her husband, but then I heard the undeniable sigh of King Edward. A sigh that I knew so well for I had everything that he did or said memorized in my head.
Time passed, and I had no clue what the king was doing after he closed the door. But a while after, I felt him getting on the bed, and then he was settling between my legs.
Said legs tensed as I felt him removing the thin layer of cloth that covered my sex, and then I felt something warm on my entrance.
I held in my gasp as I felt him pushing inside of me, and I bit my lower lip as I started to have a burning sensation that was alien to me, but oh, so painful.
The king paused for a second and then he was pushing his way inside of me again, and the burning sensation started all over again, making me bite harder on my lip.
A moment later he was pausing again, and then he groaned, the kind of groan that was in frustration, and not in the joy I had wished for it to be.
And then I heard his voice, "Are you a virgin, Lass?"
I was startled by his voice, not because he was harsh or anything, but only because I didn't expect him to speak to me.
I nodded, because it was all I could do.
"Shit!" was all he said, and I wondered for the hundredth time if I was to be killed because of something I did or didn't even do tonight.
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