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Invisible Chapter 6

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Chapter 6:

Doing as I was told was what I did best, and it was what I did when my Queen ordered me to lie on my back and open my legs.
The thoughts inside my mind prevented me from enjoying the soft feeling of the sheets underneath me, the sheets that I had dreamt of lying on since years ago. But right now, I couldn't really care less.
I couldn't think of why she wanted me to open my legs for her, wasn't that a thing I was supposed to do for the king? I was as confused as never.
My legs were separated the second my back hit the bed, I was scared that if I did anything other than that or slower, I would be beaten by her, and I didn't want that, I'd never wanted it.
The queen got something out of the layers of her fancy dress, opened it and then dipped her fingers in it, she then put it back and went for the layer between my legs and removed it up, revealing my sex to her.
The blush on my face deepened for I was never this exposed to anyone in my whole life. Without a warning she put two of her fingers inside of me. I hissed and followed it with a groan, to which the Queen chuckled at.
"If you're in pain now, I have no idea what kind of pain you'll be in when you meet my husband's dick, or when he breaks your hymen." She said as she laughed to herself, as if she was enjoying that I was in pain.
I knew that my Queen had always hated me, but I had no idea she would be this harsh, even after beating me all of those years and forcing me to keep my mouth shut about everything. This was a different kind of torture.
My face paled at the sound of her words, I'd heard before about the pain of first times, but I was unlike anyone in this situation, and I was now scared more than ever after what she said.
"You're lucky I put this oil in you, it'll ease it for my husband to go inside of you, so don't you think it's for you, just be grateful for it. Do you hear me?"
"Yes, m-"
"What did I say about speaking in this room?" she warned.
I only nodded: it was all I was allowed to do.
"Now move your head to the side, and think about what you have to do for the sake of your Queen and your kingdom. You're not allowed to look at the king." And those were her last words before she left the room, leaving me with my legs still separated and my sex exposed.
Despite all she had said, despite all my fear from her, and my fear of disobeying her – I reached with my hand and covered between my legs with the thin silky layer. I was just too embarrassed. And I hoped to God for the Queen not to come back or the King to tell her about that tiny detail I used to keep just an inch left of my dignity.
Now, I was to wait for the King.
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