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Invisible Chapter 5

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Chapter 5:

My wait for the Queen wasn't that long, and when she arrived, she handed me something to wear. The cloth was made of silk, but it was a wired gown that I'd never seen anything like before.
It was long and covered my body from shoulders to toes; every area in my body was hidden by the gown, aside from the two long slits by my legs. I blushed as I thought of why they were there, but the frown still made its way to my forehead as I saw that the white gown was not any kind of attractive.
I wondered how I would be appealing to him in such a silly gown.
My answer was received the second the queen spoke, "This mask is to hide the biggest part of your face," she said and my eyes widened slightly. Mask? "You will never show who you are to the king. You'll never touch him. You'll never take off this gown. And most importantly: You will never speak, not even a word."
I felt dizzy as her orders flew one after the other; things now became clear in my eyes. It wasn't going to be anything like he had with his wife. I was only a womb to be filled.
My dreams of tender touches, and beautiful whispers crashed right at that moment. And I realized that I had been a fool to think otherwise. Who was I to believe the king would bed me with care and passion? I was a real fool.
"Yes, my Queen." I said in a low voice, not able to speak louder as the thoughts of how insane I was to think light of this situation invaded my mind and hurt my soul.
"Remember, Isabella." She said, and I knew she meant nothing but all seriousness when she used my name. "You will not speak a word to him, not even a yes or no or anything of such. If you do: I'll have your head cut off."
I nodded my head, not able to say a word as I was choking up on the tears that I was holding back, afraid to let them fall in front of her. It would only open the door for many questions and probably other rounds of slaps and kicks. I was better off without those. At least for now.
"Follow me." She said, and from the room I was in, I was brought in to another to wash my body and prepare – she opened a small door that I hadn't seen before since I entered the room. And then she disappeared inside – I followed her to another room I hadn't seen before as well, but there were many parts of the castle I hadn't seen, so it was no surprise.
The room wasn't big, but it wasn't small. It had one large bed made up with silky sheets, just like the ones we used to put on the King and the Queen's bed, and I couldn't believe I would be lying on that bed.
Or maybe I wouldn't, who knew?
"Get on the bed, Isabella. Lie on your back, and open your legs."
I swallowed thickly.
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