Sunday, March 26, 2017

Invisible Chapter 4

EdwardFirstKiss is my beta.
Lvforyouonly is my pre-reader.
I don't own Twilight.
Chapter 4:

As I washed myself, I thought deeply about what my Queen had said. I tried my best to lighten the whole thing and tonot go insane.
I thought: it was the king, the man I loved and dreamed about each and every night. The man I spent days wondering what a touch from his fingers over my face would feel like. I thought about how tenderly he could treat me, like he treated his wife. I thought about all the pleasures I could have from being with him, and I couldn't control the smile on my face.
After all, it was all I had ever wanted.
My smile fell as I thought of carrying his child – our child – for him or her to only be taken away from me the day I give birth. I couldn't help how choked up I felt as the thought crossed my mind.
But, I tried to lighten my thoughts and make it sound easier than I knew it would be. I thought of how I had been my Queen's maid since the day she was born, and how I became her true maid once we moved into this castle. I was her secrets keeper; I knew everything about her, even the things that she didn't I thought – I wouldn't be far away from my child, I was with my Queen every day and every night, from the moment she woke up until the moment she slept in her bed. I knew she would keep me with her after the child was born.
Knowing my Queen, I knew exactly why she chose me to be the one to bear her husband's child. But, I knew I couldn't think of that. I could only tell myself that I was the one whom she trusted the most, and knew I was too much of a coward to ever say any word against her. After all, I had never said a word about all of the things the King should know of his wife, and I never would. Standing in the middle of the room as I waited for my Queen, I felt the blush creeping to my cheeks, not of shyness, but rather of embarrassment.
The Queen had a body that was nothing less than perfection; she had breasts just the right size and a waist that was what perfect would look like if it were to be. Her backside was as tight as any man would love.
The King worshiped her body as much as he worshiped her soul. Her beauty was something else to behold. And looking down at myself, I felt how I was far less desirable than her.
I had breasts that were more than a handful, and my backside wasn't as tight as hers. I knew that once I had been beautiful, but not anymore, my body was covered with bruises while hers was flawless. My hair was dark brown while hers was golden. My eyes were the same shade of my hair while hers were sky-blue.
I was everything that she wasn't, and I had no idea how I could ever be appealing to him.

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