Sunday, March 26, 2017

Invisible Chapter 3

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Chapter 3:

If I thought what I had heard yesterday was unbelievable, I was wrong. What I was now hearing was truly unbelievable.
"My apologies, My Queen, I don't understand!" I said, my eyes dropped to the floor, and my head bowed.
"What is it that you don't understand, Girl?" I flinched at her harsh tone. "You'll open your legs for my husband to put his seed inside you, and we'll have the child as if it's mine. It WILL be mine since it's my husband's and I have all the right to call it my own."
"But-" was all I said as I made the mistake of looking up at her face,.I just wanted to tell her that – well, it didn't matter. I forgot everything I had wanted to say the second her hand made contact with my face as she smacked me hard on my right cheek; I was sure I would bruise.
"How dare you think of disobeying my orders, you useless scum?" she yelled. "You'll do as I tell you and that's it, you can't say a word about it to anybody, do you hear me?"
"Yes, my Queen." I whispered, tears streaming down my cheeks, and for a silly reason I was pleased with the tears as they slightly eased the stinging feeling. But then there was another blow on the same cheek.
"Speak loud!"
"Yes, my Queen." I said quickly, my voice cracking, but stronger than before.
"That's better." She said, "Now – you'll go wash your body and remove all of the hair from it. I don't want my husband so disgusted by you that he will hate bedding women altogether. Brush your hair and wait for me until I give you further orders, do you hear me?"
"Yes, my Queen." I said with a loud, yet cracking voice.
"Good. Now get out of my sight."
My Queen left the room and I dropped to the floor, crying my eyes out. It wasn't about being with my king that was hurting me. I knew he was gentle and wouldn't be harsh with me or hurt me, because unlike his wife, he never laid a finger on a female, noble or a maid.
What was hurting me was how I would be with his child – my child – only to have the baby taken away from me. I couldn't believe she would take away my child, not after all she had taken already.
But what was to do? I had no freaking right to do anything or disobey an order, all I could do was say 'Yes, my Queen' – it was all I was here in the universe for: Obeying her.
I got up and wiped my tears with the back of my hand, hissing as it touched my tender cheek, and decided that I'd do whatever it took not to get on my Queen's bad side again, she would simply kill me without even blinking.
After all, I never mattered to her. And why would I? I was just another maid.

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