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Invisible Chapter 25

Chapter 25:
"She, uh - …" How do you tell someone that his wife was killing their babies before they were even born?
"Please, my King, don't believe her, she lies. She lies about everything." Kate said with tears streaming down her eyes, real tears and not fake ones like she normally used to get whatever she wanted from the king.
"Tell me, Isabella!" he said my name and my heart dropped to my stomach, but now wasn't the right time to think about how wonderful it sounded coming out of his lips. "I promised to protect you, there's nothing you should fear, anymore."
"Yes, my Lord." I said, and swallowed thickly, "She used to drink hot water mixed with herbs every month, and she told me it was to help her bear a child. But, I saw them and knew that was not their intended purpose. I warned her that taking the herbs could kill any potential child, but it was obvious that she already knew this. She slapped me and told me not to say a word, and I didn't. I'm so sorry." Now all of my fear was that King Edward would be mad at me for not telling him the truth from the start, and he actually looked like it.
The look in his eyes was killing me.
"Please, my King." She begged.
"Silence. Stop it! Just stop it now with all of your lies. You were killing my unborn children? Why? Just give me one reason why." The hurt in his voice was such a torture to my soul. It hurt me.
She didn't say anything, of course. Only cried harder.
"My Lord, if you'd allow me to speak – she was afraid she would die giving birth like my mother did while birthing her."
"Guards!" King Edward screamed as soon as I finished my words. "Take Queen Kate to the cells."
My eyes were shocked and my mouth wanted to scream at him not to, but then I didn't say anything, he was obviously hurting, and I had no idea how this day was going to turn out.
I had visited Kate in her cell more than one time, and every time I would leave with a broken heart because of the things she said to me. When she knew it was over and she had been exposed for everything she had done – Kate told me everything about her plans and why she did them.
She told me that she only wanted me to have the baby because she knew if the baby didn't look like King Edward, it would look like our family, like me as I looked like our father, or like our mother with her blonde hair and blue eyes, it would be even easier to believe that the child was her own.
She told me that I had my mask on for two reasons, one was she was afraid Kind Edward would recognize me from our childhood, and the other was because it would be easy to get rid of me by killing me once I gave her a boy child, so she wouldn't have any threat of her secret being exposed. That broke my heart.
I wasn't ready when she told me that our father Duke Charles had died two years ago, just a year after her wedding to King Edward, and all of the letters were fake and not from him. It was on the first time she had put me in the cells and locked me up for days.
She told me that she had only kept me alive because I was a good handmaid and she trusted that I would keep any secret that she needed to be kept. And then that I had come in handy when the king needed an heir.
She told me that she didn't get rid of me from the start because she wanted to keep me under her eyes until she knew what to do with me, because killing me would've created many questions she was yet to figure the answer to, and that she was happy when her plans worked, and well, the rest happened.
Edward was angry with me at first, because I didn't trust him enough to protect me from the start. But then he has been a good husband since the day we were married.
I grieved for my father for weeks, and cried over my sister for days after her head had been cut off for her great betrayal to the King. She was my little sister after all. I hugged her when she was born and took care of her every need since she was only a day old. I prayed for her recovery whenever she got sick and tried my best to always see her smiling, I loved her with my whole heart, despite everything. I couldn't help it. It was in my blood.
Our first boy child was born exactly nine months from the first time we had had sex, seven months after our wedding. And then more children came into our lives. I was finally able to live out my dream of being with King Edward, was finally able to take what was mine since the start. We lived happily ever after, ruling our kingdom together with a gentle hand instead of a harsh one.
The End
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