Sunday, March 26, 2017

Invisible Chapter 23

Chapter 23:

There was no way I could just sit here and wait for death to come to me. I was scared, more scared than I had ever been in my whole life. But King Edward had promised me that he would protect me, and I needed to believe him, I did believe him.
However, I still put my clothes on, and then followed him to the Queen's chamber. He wouldn't listen to my pleas for him not to go there.
The second I entered the room, the second I heard it, "I can't believe you, Kate, how could you hit her so hard? What did I tell you about beating servants? It's inhuman!" King Edward was fuming.
"I don't know why you believe her, My King? I did not hit her!" she lied through her teeth. She was still not able to see me as I was standing behind her.
"I've seen the bruises!"
"She's clumsy and falls like a drunken head!" she lied once again.
"Stop it, stop lying! You lie about everything. She told me all about what you have done, she told me the truth. All of it." He spat, his angry voice filling the room.
"The truth?" Queen Kate choked out, "She's a liar, don't believe her. You believe a filthy scum over me? She's not my sister. And I've never used herbs, only to help me bear children, not the opposite like she lied to you about. I swear to you, my king,"
My eyes widened at her words. I couldn't believe what I was hearing; she just told him the things that I had been hiding for years. She of all people told him. It couldn't be!
"Sisters? Herbs? What are you talking about?" The King looked as confused as ever. And my dream of him knowing the full truth started to fade as I knew she would somehow cover it up. "Uh, um … nothing, it's nothing. I'm tired and saying crazy things." She tried, covering up her nervousness and fear with a chuckle.
"Kate, you'll tell me the truth about everything, right now! What is it you're talking about?"
She didn't say anything other than: "There's nothing to tell."
"Beautiful Eyes, you tell me, I know you wouldn't lie to me." He said as he looked at me, and Queen Kate turned around. Her eyes sized double as she looked at me. I couldn't believe he had just called me that in front of her.
I really didn't want to tell him, but after everything that happened between us, after he had promised to protect me, and after he had just voiced that he cared for me in front of her by calling me his nickname for me; I had to tell him the truth. So I did, I told him. "Uh, My Lord. I'm her sister." I couldn't believe that I said the words, and to him of all people.
Dun, dun, dun!
Some of you guessed it right, they are sisters.
See you tomorrow, lovies.

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