Sunday, March 26, 2017

Invisible Chapter 21

Chapter 21:

"Beautiful Eyes!" he said in delight, "You spoke! Talk. Talk to me more, you have the sweetest voice."
I had the feeling that King Edward didn't actually hear what I had said, he was only delighted with the fact that I had spoken at all. That would've warmed my heart if I wasn't so scared of what would happen to me if I did tell him about everything.
"I – uh, that night when the Queen told you that I was bleeding, Um – it didn't happen." I said, my heartbeats racing against each other and I was barely controlling my breaths as fear consumed me because of what I was saying.
"What?" the sweet smile that showed when I first spoke, was now disappearing as he took in what I was saying.
"That's true, My Lord." I insisted, "That night I thought that, that maybe you'd like it if I – uh, if I was without the gown when you entered the room. I went against her orders and took off my gown and she saw me as she came in searching for you. She was mad."
"What are you saying, Beautiful Eyes? Did she say something bad to you?" he asked, concern dripping from his voice.
I could only look down, not daring to tell him everything still, it was too hard. But still not wanting to lie to him. "Yes, My Lord." I said in a low voice.
I heard him taking in a sharp inhale of breath then letting it out in a question: "What did she say?"
"Sh-she called me a whore." Tears stung in my eyes, but I tried my best holding them back. I was a failure, though.
"Damn it!" he spat under his breath, and then his hand touched my cheek; we were now both sitting on the bed. "You're not. You're far from it. You're nothing like that. You never were. Do you hear me, Beautiful Eyes?" he assured me.
I couldn't help the small smile that decorated my lips, and I nodded.
His smile was matching, small and sad, but there and then his hand moved to my shoulder and he squeezed in a comforting manner, but I winced, forcing him silently to take his hand off of me.
"What? What's wrong? Are you hurt?" he sounded more than just concerned, he almost sounded scared.
"Uh, I – uh …" was all I said.
He didn't wait for me to finish my words and suddenly he was removing a part of my clothes to see where he touched, and I could see as the fire was filling his eyes as he looked at the bruise where the powder has been worn off.
"This can't be, she hit you?" he asked through clenched teeth, and I only looked down, too afraid to tell the truth, she would kill me. "Beautiful Eyes tell me the truth!"
It was too much for me not to tell him, but still even worse for me to not tell him, so I just went with what my heart and mind were telling me to do, despite my fear and concern for my life and my father's.
"Yes, My Lord."
AN- Sorry for the few hours delay, I'm a little sick. Hope you enjoyed the chapter. Now back to bed. Love you.

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