Sunday, March 26, 2017

Invisible Chapter 2

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Twilight is not mine.
Chapter 2:

It was like a dream, I couldn't believe my ears. Was I really hearing what I thought I was? I doubted it.
"Kate? What are you saying?" I heard my King ask as I stood beside their bed, waiting to see if my Queen needed anything. It was the same spot I stood in all of the time, it was my job, and I was her maid.
"It's the truth, My King. I can't be with a child." She sobbed, and my heart skipped a beat. What was she saying?
"How do you know?" he asked.
"Please, don't make me explain it to you, it hurts me greatly." She cried, and he took her in his arms. I couldn't help but frown at what I was hearing.
"Of course, my wife." He said his voice soothing and his tone loving, despite the sadness that was wrapping his words. "Are you sure, though?"
"Yes, I'm sure, My King. I'm sorry I've never told you. But I was afraid you'd divorce me. And I love you so much; I didn't want that to happen." She wept.
"Shh … I'd never do that, Kate. I love you just as much." My heart ached for him; the sadness in his voice was eating at my very core.
"I have a solution, though." She said, and my frown deepened.
"A solution?" my confusion mirrored the one he seemed to have.
"Yes, My King. I can get someone I trust, a girl who would bear your child. When she becomes with child, we can say that it's me, and when she has the baby, we'll say its mine. Nobody will know the difference."
I tried my best to muffle the gasp I let out, and was grateful when it wasn't heard by either of them.
"Kate! What are you saying?" The King sounded more offended than anything else. "I'd never do that. I'd never sleep with anyone other than my wife."
I could hear the smile in her voice as she replied, "I know that, My King. But it won't be like what we have, nothing like it at all. She's only a tool to get us what we want. And you have to do this, it's not like you will be cheating on me."
"But, Kate-"
"Please, excuse me, My King. Do you have another solution?"
His voice dropped, "No."
"Then we'll go with this plan." She decided.
"Do you trust that the girl won't speak of it?" he asked.
"I do, My King."
"Who is she?" he asked another question.
"Someone you've never met." She replied, and for some reason, my heart sunk to the floor.
"I - .."
"Don't worry about anything, My King. I have everything under control." She said, and I felt her gaze on me before she called. "Girl!"
I ran right away to kneel in front of her, as silent as she had always asked me to be.
"It's time to wash your king's feet."
I bowed my head and went to get the warm water and salt. It was my favorite part of the day. Trying my best not to think of what I had just heard, I had no idea that I was the one my Queen would choose.

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