Sunday, March 26, 2017

Invisible Chapter 18

EdwardsFirstKiss is my beta.
Lvforyouonly is my pre-reader.
Twilight belongs to SM.
Chapter 18:

My blood ran cold at her voice, and I felt it all rushing to my heart as it was drained from my face. Her voice was colder than ice and sharper than a knife. And I had no idea what to do.
My first thought was to tell her that I thought those were her orders that I was to wait for him naked, but that would be stupid of me and she would know I was lying so I couldn't tell her that.
Then, I thought about something that might work, but I was scared that it might not, however, I used it. "My Queen!" I gasped as I got up, pulling the sheets to cover my nudeness. "I – uh, I'm waiting for King Edward."
"I know you're waiting for him, slut. Where's your gown?" she closed the door behind her and took a step towards me as she spoke.
I swallowed thickly, "My gown is – uh, my gown is, um dirty, your majesty. It's dirty. I – uh, I didn't wash it and was afraid it would disgust King Edward like you said, my Queen." I said, stuttering every two words and I knew that there was no way that she wouldn't know that I was laying.
"How dare you disobey my orders? You know better, Isabella!" she said with venom filling her tone. "Are you trying to seduce my husband?"
"What? No, my Queen. No, of course not, I wouldn't dare!" I said, but while I was talking, I thought about it. Was I really trying to seduce him? Oh, no!
She started laughing, her laughs sounding like it was the devil himself who let out those laughs, and my heart almost burst out of my chest. I was too scared to move.
When she was finished with her laughter, she took the few steps that separated us in a hurried motion, and I begged with everything in me as I saw anger pouring out of her eyes for the King to come and save me. But, he didn't.
The next thing I knew was my hair being gripped tightly and yanked back harshly, "I'm going to show you what it's like to go against my orders, you whore." She spat.
She then dragged me out of the bed and to the room I used to get ready in. Then she took me by the hair around the rooms where I saw many maids and servants stopped to stare at my naked form being dragged to who knows where.
I felt humiliated more than I felt pain; the fact that I was naked was hurting me more than her grips or the rough floor underneath my bare feet. I tried my best to cover my parts, but it was of no use, and all I could do was hope that no more people would see me. I only hoped for one to see, but since most of my hair was covering my already covered face – I knew he wouldn't even know it was me.
For days, I was left in the down rooms of the castle, a cell that was made for prisoners, no food and barely any water, only enough to keep me alive. The only treatment I got was slaps and punches and kicks. And the only words I said were 'Please, stop it, I beg you.'
I wondered if I would be left to die here. I wondered if it would be soon, or would my torture last forever.
AN – I was advised to find a table after this chapter and hide under it, so …
See you tomorrow (If I was still alive) :)

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