Sunday, March 26, 2017

Invisible Chapter 17

EdwardsFirstKiss is my beta.
Lvforyouonly is my pre-reader.
Twilight belongs to SM.
Chapter 17:

My life inside the castle was pretty much limited to serving my Queen. I was with her while she did everything. The whole day she never left my sight, or my hearing. I was always ready to hear her calling me or glancing my way.
I was good at receiving orders, even those she ordered with her eyes alone. I was even better at obeying knew very well that I couldn't disobey her so I was her trusted maid. I obeyed her, and I had never ran my mouth to anyone about anything. I absolutely had no time for making friends, nor was I interested in gossiping with anyone, about anything.
Until now.
The need of telling everyone about how I was spending every night with King Edward was too strong. About how gentle and kind he was, about how he called me Beautiful Eyes and told me that I felt good to him.
But I wasn't so stupid; I knew that I could never say a word of that. Queen Kate made sure that I knew I was nothing but an object to get her the baby she needed – the only thing that was bothering me in the whole situation – giving my baby up. I was expected to live with him as I would live with the woman who would be his mother.
Still, another maid named Angela was the closest thing to a friend if I could call her that. She knew nothing of my past or about me, but I knew everything about her, because she wouldn't stop talking every chance she had. It was nice to have someone to communicate with in another way other than 'Yes, my Queen' – but sometimes it was annoying to be honest. Like today.
"Oh, and you know about Jessica? She visits Mike every chance she gets and they say she might be with his child." Angela gossiped.
"Mhm," was my only reply. I couldn't find it in me to tell her to stop, afraid I might upset her, and pretended as if I was actually listening to what she was saying. But the truth was, I only wanted to think about what I did with the man I loved last night. It gave me a good feeling that was close to the actual thing.
"Oh, and the King and Queen have not been speaking since almost ten days now, maybe more." Angela said, and that got my attention.
"What?" I asked in shock, that had never happened before. Yes, the Queen upset him a lot, but despite what I want to dream of – I knew he loved her very much, and he always forgave her, so what happened now for this to occur?
"Yes! He saw her kicking a maid, and got so mad. He asked her to treat the poor girl better, and of course she wouldn't. She told him he was weak for how he was dealing with the likes of us."
Wow! I thought. He hadn't spoken to her for ten days only because she kicked a maid? I imagined him sending her away if he knew what she did to me all of these past years, then.
This night, I realized why the King was very forward with me last night. I thought maybe he had missed the affection of a woman since he hadn't been bedding the Queen for a while. It couldn't be because he was having feelings for me, or something like that. That could never be true.
That night, I decided to wait for him completely naked other than my mask, maybe it would be something he would like. I really wanted to make him happy.
That night, I had no idea that the one who would open the door and come inside the room wouldn't be him.
"What do you think you're doing, whore?"
Uh – oh! Told ya it was going to hit the fan. :(
See you tomorrow, lovely people.

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