Sunday, March 26, 2017

Invisible Chapter 15

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Chapter 15:

Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined that when a man bed me it would be out of wedlock. I did imagine that I would be in love with him, though. And the latter happened.
It was that night when his hands roamed all over my body before he put himself inside of me, and by that time my moans were filling the room with sounds I never thought I could make.
"Beautiful Eyes," King Edward called me with the name that he had been calling me with all night. I looked at him, because it was only my kind of response. "I need an heir. A son. " He said, and I wondered why he was telling me that now, I already knew of it.
But then he spoke and the blush covered my face, "They say the chances are better of having a boy child when the woman is on top. I want you to be on top of me. "
I could tell that he could read the uncertainty in my eyes because he continued: "Don't worry, Beautiful Eyes," he assured me, "Whatever you do is going to feel good to me. " The smile was mesmerizing on his beautiful features.
I smiled as I got up on him as he guided me, thinking of how he could tell easily even without seeing my whole face that I was unsure about doing that. And then thinking of how he told me it would bring him pleasure any way no matter how I did it. Was he aware that we were doing something we shouldn't? And the most important thing: was he feeling something for me and was that why he wanted me to do that? Or would it be like that with any other woman in my place?
The thought was disturbing to think about, so I shrugged it away. I knew King Edward loved Queen Kate very much. I knew he was loyal to her. And I knew that he hadn't wanted to do this in the first place, so what was happening now? King Edward was so noble to have put on an act that night with his wife and told her lies about how he didn't want to do it, so why now was he seeking pleasure?
I was more confused as I'd ever been, and I couldn't find answers to any of my questions.
King Edward held his erection in his hand and with his other hand pushed on my hip slightly so he pushed his hardness inside of me. We both groaned at the connection.
"Now move up and down, Beautiful Eyes. " He said. "You feel so good." And that was the push for me to do even better, and the great sensation it gave me as his shaft went deep and deeper inside of me made me go even faster. I was so caught up in what I was doing that I didn't notice he was taking off my gown until it was already off of me. Suddenly, I was completely naked in front of him.
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