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Invisible Chapter 14

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Chapter 14:

The pool water mixed with the milk felt so good against my skin. The pool was filled with red roses that smelled like a wide garden of beautiful roses, and the scent was wonderful.
Sitting beside the queen with the other two maids as we washed her body and hair with the milky water that smelled like red roses, I couldn't help but enjoy the bath myself. It wasn't the first time we had bathed the queen, but this time I wondered if it would make the King feel that my skin was smoother and softer, and that it smelled like this mix.
The thought made me smile.
When the two other maids left to get more milk and roses, the Queen reached for my naked breast and cupped it, squeezing so harshly that I actually winced.
"Hmmm … you're not with child yet." She said.
"Uh, it's too soon to tell, My Queen." I replied with a low voice. The king has been bedding me for only nine nights; of course it wouldn't show yet.
"Let's hope so," she said, "Because I'll cut your head off if you bleed this month."
There was no self-touching this night, as well. And to my own pleasure, I left my legs closed so he would open them for me because I had loved it so much last night, and that is exactly what happened.
As I was moaning underneath him while his thrusts went deep inside of me, hitting a spot that he'd never hit before, driving me crazy with lust, I felt him inhaling deep behind my ear, and I wondered if I smelled nice to him.
The thought gave me courage, because the next thing I knew I was touching his shoulder tenderly at first, and then tightly when his thrusts become more harried.
It wasn't a moment later that I felt him gripping on my cloth from my chest area until my breast was exposed to him, and without any warning he was sucking on my nipple like his life depended on it.
I bit my bottom lip and almost cried out loud in pain from how hard I bit it, but I kept holding my moans in, both those that were of pain and those that were of pleasure.
"Don't you dare, Lass." The King panted, and I held my breath, I didn't know what to do, "Don't you dare hold your moans back from me," he panted, "I want to hear you. I want your moans, all of them." I couldn't do it. "Do it or I'll stop." And that did it.
I let go of my moans, all of the pleasure I was feeling was translated into my moans and gasps and all of the noises I made that told him exactly how much I was enjoying his thrusts and his sucks on both of my nipples now.
It wasn't long before we were both coming at the same moment, panting and gasping. The king's breaths fanning over my neck, making me want to keep him there forever.
After the King pulled out and dressed, I felt his hand brushing my cheek, and I shivered, "Look at me," he ordered, and I was too afraid to upset him that I didn't let him ask twice.
I looked at him, and by the look on his face, I was scared he had recognized me. But his next words told me it wasn't the case: "You have such beautiful deep eyes," he whispered, and I wasn't sure if he had meant for me to then he smiled and I couldn't hold in my own smile. "Until tomorrow, Beautiful Eyes."
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