Sunday, March 26, 2017

Invisible Chapter 11

EdwardsFirstKiss is my beta.
Lvforyouonly is my pre-reader.
Twilight belongs to SM.
Chapter 11:

There were no words spoken after that. My head stayed turned to the side after he finished with a groan I knew was muffled as much as he could force it to be .He took a minute to dress and then he was gone.
I didn't have it in me to be upset that it didn't end with a cuddle like he did with the queen. Well, anything we did – though it was more than I dreamed of since the queen gave me her orders – wasn't like what they did, it was way less, but I was way grateful.
Closing my legs, I turned on my side. Wish a smile on my lips; I fell asleep, feeling the longing for a night when I didn't cry myself to sleep. It had been years. And I was happy for the reason more than anything.
The smile didn't disappear from my lips the next morning as I washed up and changed my clothes. But when I went back to the Queen and King's room, I knew I had to keep it to myself, lest the Queen see it and wonder.
I really had no idea if I would be able to lie to her if it came to it, I feared her to the nth degree.
My duties didn't feel as hard that day, I was so happy. I didn't care how mundane they were, and doing them gave me time to think about what had happened last night.
Knowing that the King cared for me was something I would never think of. To him, I was just a body, nothing more. But the king was kind-hearted; he was an amazingly didn't want to hurt the virgin girl, or didn't want my first time to be as shallow as just getting in and pulling out the next second after he finished.
He cared, but not for me; for the idea of a virgin girl, and I knew he would do it to any other girl in my position; I didn't dare to think of more.
That night as I waited for him with my legs open, mask on, and my head turned to the side, I couldn't help but wonder what that night would hold for me; would it be as good as last night? Would the king help me enjoy being with him more than I should? Or would it be even better than last night? I really hoped so.
I didn't wonder for long as I heard the door being opened then closed, and then heard his footsteps as he walked into the room and came near the bed.
There was a pause before I heard him take off his clothes, then a longer pause where I heard slipping sounds that I couldn't tell what they were. The noises of something wet being … rubbed – maybe – lasted for a while and then I felt the king as he sat between my legs.
I felt his erection as he pressed it to my entrance, and then I felt him pushing inside of me. It was only two thrusts before he groaned lowly and I knew he was coming inside of me.
After a second, he was out of me and out of the bed, dressing, and then he was out of the room. No words.
Tears stung in my eyes, and the happiness I had felt all day left me at that moment.

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