Sunday, March 26, 2017

Invisible Chapter 10

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Chapter 10:

By the time he raised up the layer of cloth that was covering my sex, I was trying my best to keep my breaths even, I didn't want to choke up and embarrass myself more than I already was.
I felt him as he touched my heated center with the back of his fingers tenderly, and the heat spread throughout my whole body. He then pressed on it slightly with his hand, right on a spot that made me close my eyes tightly shut and grip on the silky sheets beneath me.
After a few moments of touching me there, I felt him easing one of his fingers inside of me. I gasped, but then silently cursed myself for doing so; I was not supposed to make any sound.
The King's hand froze inside of me, and it was like he waited for me to even my breaths again before he started moving his finger in and out.
I bit my bottom lip as a moan wanted to escape my lips, it was too good that I felt the king's finger slipping in and out of me with such ease, after all – I was wetter than I'd ever been in my whole life.
Soon, there was two fingers inside of me, and a while later there were three. Every time I would flinch or wince he would stop. He was gentle and I felt so full. It was too hot, that despite my tries to hold it off; I couldn't help it as I came around his fingers when his thumb touched my clit.
I came as silently as possible, and he waited for me until I rode off my orgasm and then he removed his hand and replaced it with his erection.
I winced again because his erection was yet still bigger than his three fingers, but the sting wasn't at all like before, it was much, much easier, and almost painless.
What happened next proved to me more that I was probably dreaming; it couldn't be true.
King Edward put his hand on my shoulder and rubbed it in a soothing manner as he whispered: "Shhhh …" It was too overwhelming to think he was trying to ease things for me, that he cared that much not to hurt me.
I didn't feel any pain from that moment on; the emotions inside of me were too much for me to feel anything other than enjoyment and … warmth.
A moment later, I heard the King groaning in pleasure, and I couldn't believe my ears, was it really true? I hoped so with my whole heart. And prayed silently that if it was a dream for God to make it last even longer.
"So. Fucking. Tight." King Edward said through clenched teeth as if he was saying it to then, he went faster inide of me and the next minute he was coming, making me hope that it will take me longer to be with his child so I can feel him inside of me more times to come.
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