Sunday, March 26, 2017

Invisible Chapter 1

EdwardsFirstKiss amazingly edited this for me.
Plot is inspired by Shay Savage's FF: Unexpected Circumstances, and written with her permission.
I'm not sure which year they live in but it's in the very far past. They speak modernly though because that's the only English I speak and know.
This is my Christmas gift to the fandom, I'll post one chapter a day until Christmas eve. Hope you like that.
Enjoy. :)

Isabella's POV

Chapter 1:

It wasn't that hard to realize that I loved him. I loved my king: Edward. And it wasn't the kind of love that everyone in the kingdom held for him for being the great, kind king that he was. It was the kind that was even more powerful than the love his wife – My Queen – held for him.
I loved him like a wife loved her husband.
Maybe a little bit more.
I wasn't stupid, I knew that there was no way he could love me back, heck – I doubt he even knows my name. He has never even looked me in the eye, not that I dared and looked at him as I spoke to him the one and only time I ever had, and it was no more than, "Yes, your majesty."
I wasn't stupid, I knew that my Queen would kill me if she knew of my love for him, and maybe even make him do it himself just to kill my soul before actually killing me. He always listens to her, like the faithful husband he is. And I always listen to them.
Not as in obeying what they say, only. I listened to them in bed, as well.
I really wasn't stupid, I knew that what I was doing was all kinds of wrong, but I couldn't help it. I couldn't help loving him, I couldn't help it. Not when he treated his wife as if she was made of glass, he worshiped her. And I couldn't help but fall for him as I kept imagining myself in her place, over and over again.
Not even when I would hear them as he bedded her, it was more than just sex, the moans she would make, and the sounds she made, it was too sensual and not fake like I heard others making them, he was a great lover.
My dreams didn't stop there as I imagined myself to be treated that tenderly by him, no. I kept imagining being … with him. In bed.
Hearing the words he said to her, and imagining him saying them to me, I couldn't help but feel wetness between my legs, and an ache that didn't go away unless I touched myself until I was relieved, it happened almost every time he had sex with her.
My dreams of him touching me came true. That one night he came to his wife's arms desperate and sad, it broke my heart to see him that way, but there was nothing I could do to comfort him.
My dreams of him touching me came true. That one night he told his wife that the elders had informed him they would put another king in his place if he didn't have an heir by the end of the year.
My dreams of him touching me came true. That one night my Queen told me I would be with his child because it was an order.

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